How to do hula hoop Isolations! – Beginner Hooping Tutorials

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Learn how to do Hoop Isolations!

Isolations are a great move for beginners transitioning into more complex moves. But not to worry! We have broken it down here to make it as easy and fun as possible. Beginners who are now comfortable with the size and weight of their hoop should be in a good place to try isolations. Hooping Isolations are best with a smaller and lighter hoop, giving you more quick and agile movements. Isolations are where you spin the hoop and it seems as though it is spinning in place. This is a key move to learn which you will incorporate into more advanced moves later on. With isolations, the trick is to have a pivot point in the center of your hoop, as opposed to your hand as the pivot point. Follow the video at 0:45 to practice your pivot point.

With your palm facing up, rotate to your left ¾ of a rotation or until you are at the end of your range of motion. Then flip your hand and return to the starting position. As you rotate your hand around the hoop, focus on keeping your pivot point in the center of the hoop. Allow your hand to work its way around the outside of the hoop into smooth circles. As you practice, your hooping isolations will smooth out and it will begin to flow naturally. And once you’re comfortable, try isolations with two hoops! Infinite hooping possibilities are just waiting to be explored!

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