Holistic Flow Arts – Hooping & Healing

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Healing Through Hooping

Upon discovery, many people are drawn to performing arts because of it’s visually pleasing nature. But beyond the visual appeal are layers upon layers of holistic benefits. If you were to ask a flow artist why they’re drawn to the art, you’ll likely discover some of these deeper layers. Not only is it an aesthetically stimulating activity, it provides healthy perks that are non-exclusive. Anyone can experience the holistic depths of flow with just a hula hoop or set of poi!

Flow Arts For Emotional Re-calibration

If we ever feel “too much”, whether we label it as anxiety, or stress, picking up a hoop (or your favorite prop) moves these energies out of the mind body. It enables us to shift our emotional vibration quite quickly! Our emotions are interconnected with our bodies, and free flowing movement helps to clear mental/emotional blockages, and feel infinitely better! Especially with good music, we find healing through hooping!

Flow Arts & Mental Agility 

Prop dance is nearly impossible to do with just one side of the body. Even when you’re only moving one side, it simultaneously works the opposite side of the brain. Flow arts hones us in to our physical, mental, emotional, and even spiritual dexterity – if you’re open to it. I like to call it, “Holistic Dexterity”. Like everything, it’s a practice, and the more we practice the more we grow!

Flow Arts & Spiritual Growth 

Growing spiritually isn’t something that can be measured, because it doesn’t fall on any kind of scale. However, we can begin with recognizing that everything outside of us, is also somewhere within; that everything is a reflection of ourselves. (Ever heard the expression “As Above, So Below”?) So why would we resist ourselves? Inner practices like yoga and meditation are naturally integrated in with flow arts, and enable us to become more “in the flow” of life.

Building our Strength with Hula Hooping & Flow

It’s clear to see that practicing hula hooping or poi requires the use of our bodies, and it can be a work out! Dancing with a prop gets our hearts beating, our muscles toned, and our joints and connective tissues more flexible! The more we grow as performers, the healthier and more capable we are with our physical bodies, and everything we do in life.

Discover your own Truth in Flow

Once we begin the journey in to flow arts, the many layers of benefits embedded beyond the physical become more visible. Though, for those who are on the cusp, whether you’re contemplating hooping, poi, or fan spinning as a new hobby, these things have only just begun to unveil. Within each of the four categories highlighted above are even more layers of unique and beneficial perks to practicing flow arts. Discover your own meaning through your flow arts journey!

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