Health Benefits of Spinning Poi: Part 3

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi

“Spinning a weight on the end of a cord in circles may be the next Parkinson’s physical therapy treatment.”

Dr. Kate Reigle van West’s “early research on poi and Parkinson’s shows promise for improving quality of life.” The study is exciting to read, to see flow arts assisting, if not curing, many of our diseases with its continual expansion into the mainstream awareness. To me it’s quite obvious that to promote greater awareness, balance and harmony into our individual and collective world. So we must emulate the micro and macro cosmos and spin smaller bodies around our own.

Flow arts are an enjoyable way to get in touch with a deeper sense of health and happiness. And without needing to push ourselves so hard. This case study on Parkinson’s is a very real and sizable step towards the discovery of poi to re-activate ones cognitive and bodily function, and reintegrating people with “incurable diseases” back into alignment.

A Closer Look

78% of participants reported that poi could be helpful in improving quality of life, with another 15% answering maybe. These responses are promising and are supported by observations from Sarissa Curry, Founder at The Parkinson’s Exercise and Wellness Center. Sarissa states, “Poi has layers upon layers of skill to learn and master. We have barely scraped the surface at our Center, and have been amazed by the outcomes.””

The study goes on to recognizing the signs of patients intensity of thought, greater mobility, and heightened awareness of their movements that sometimes lasted days after the poi sessions. And It is also written that their mood shifted to one of greater enjoyment which is “particularly important for those with Parkinson’s disease, because depression and anxiety actually have a larger negative impact on the quality of life than the movement symptoms.”

And there is light and hope for the future for people with Parkinson’s Disease. Dr. Reigle van West also offers a free “Poi and Well-being guide” on her website,

This coming week I will be interviewing her and posting the interview to the Sacred Flow Art YouTube channel. As well as concluding this blog series with an overall review of the interview!

Stay tuned! Ever more to come!

Yours in flow,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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