Future of Flow Arts

future of flow arts

Future of Flow Arts

This blog post was prompted by a video created Ben Drexler of DrexFactor Poi recently. In the video, he predicted where flow arts will go in the next decade. Though he may have a lot more experience in the realm of flow arts than I do, and a lot more numbers of subscribers currently, I also understand something differently. Numbers and experience don’t necessarily matter as it pertains to the future of the individual, and thus individuals.

When one sees that they are the conscious universe, learning or not learning how to consciously create, consciously, we may see that we are not only in charge of our own destiny, but that of the destiny of a great many people as well. Here are three aspects of not only where I predict flow arts will go into the next decade, but where we are taking them:

  1. Infinitely

This is true for every aspect of life as everything fractals infinitely forever; we have no choice in this matter, all must exist for anything to exist at all. Though since we know ourselves to be temporary, what portion of that infinite-ness we experience will be due largely to what we invest ourselves in. If you really like poi and buy a pair you really like, you’ll see more poi, much like when you buy a car and then suddenly start seeing that same car everywhere; it’s not a coincidence, you’re mental-emotional vibration is attracting them to you like an invisible magnet.

If you really prefer to fire spin with a particular fuel type, then you will put more stock into it, create a higher demand, and magnetize more of it around you. And on and on. The point of this is, the future of flow arts is in your hands; the masses are an illusion.

  1. Weaponry

What!? How could I?? Fortunately and unfortunately, most flow arts props began as weapons. I suspect since mankind has not yet relieved itself of a world of violence. And that history cycles and repeats, many will begin to tap into their greater capacities to wield separate objects consciously to defend themselves. If/when the shit hits the fan I recommend picking up qigong, to ward off these vibrations so the shit doesn’t splatter on you.

I can see the video game and anime enthusiast still alive and well inside of me, and it feels quite excited at the capacity of telekinesis. So some advanced flow artists will use their conscious awareness combined with their flow arts skills to perform their practice WITHOUT TETHERS, and that will skyrocket the attention flow arts gets. Honest to God it’s why I got into my practices in the first place; for magic. It is actually my goal to become the first mainstream telekinesis teacher on YouTube. Think about it, what will happen when people are publicly making things move without touching them? Likely a heaping leap of excitement from the fearless. A LOT of fear and uncertainty from the fearful, and we may have to defend ourselves from it.

  1. Teamwork

There’s only so many spin jams and flow festivals we can do before we really cannot be moved by them anymore. Many of them just turn into social drinking and substance abuse already. Drex also predicted that there would be less flow festivals, but I’m going at it a bit differently.

What will inspire and get people to show up is the promise of doing something extraordinary together. I see fire spinning teams choreographing pieces together that will get jaws dropping over at Cirque du Solei. Flow arts will move heavily from street to stage as we become our own mandalas in motion. This is also a big reason why I invest myself so heavily in teaching and performing flow arts. For the greater capacity to build legitimate teams of flow artists all over the world. My first tutorial series on building a 2-4 person choreography piece is soon coming.

What do you think? Where will flow arts be in ten years from your perspective? Do you agree or disagree with my predictions? Let’s us know in the comments or reach out for a conversation.

Yours in flow,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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