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Flow Arts Scene

The flow arts scene and fire spinning can, and in all likelihood will, be a social thing. It can be an individual and meditative practice, an activity to do among friends, a discipline to perhaps make a profession, and it can be all the above! How flow arts compliments your life will be determined by the company in which you value, and it must begin with the company that is yourself! Let’s convene for a moment with what I have witnessed in my years as the three primary forms of accompaniment in flow arts.

Flowing Alone!

Likely we won’t feel, or even have the ability, to flow together all the time, so you’ll want to take time to practice flow arts alone. Whether this is hula hooping alone or spinning poi alone. All it to be a wonderful opportunity, not only to get to know your prop(s) better, but yourself as well! What do flow arts do to your mood? How do you flow, or not flow, through the challenges you experience? Are you your own cheerleader, or are you your own drill sergeant? Whatever the case may be, we will learn a lot when we flow solo.

It can also be time for reflection, to other flow experiences. It has been a pleasure to witness myself grow in flow, and it has become a magical elixir to put myself in a calm, yet energized state (doing a bit of yoga and qigong beforehand and/or afterwards helps tremendously too). With or without a mirror, see yourself, and learn to enjoy being present. It may be the greatest skill we can acquire: presence.

Flow Arts with Friends (Meet up Groups)

This is how I got into the flow arts scene. At a party, some friends new and old started talking about “fire spinning”. And I thought, “Are they about to do what I think they’re about to do?” Sure enough, people came out of the woodwork with props in hand, under arm and over shoulder, as well as with baskets full of fuel and other supplies needed. Checkout our tutorial on your first time fire spinning for a better understanding of what’s needed (Just Click Here!). They spun fire with some acoustic guitar playing and drumming. I was amazed and completely drawn in. Soon after I discovered they all met once a week for a “Spin Jam” where they would hang out and do flow arts together. I received my first pair of tube sock poi at my first jam!

Some would say this is the best part about flow arts, and I can see their point. Though there is a flip side to everything. On more than one occasion things got out of hand due to drugs and alcohol. Unconscious activities like these don’t mix with flow arts, and ESPECIALLY don’t mix with fire spinning. So be aware and make sure people are respecting themselves and the space we share. I have made the rule for myself that I will do my partying AFTER I do my spinning, as that has been the safest route to go, and keeps me flowing my best.

Structured Flow Arts Practice 

This one is a challenge to pull off with others. I have been able to do it successfully but not without a lot of trial and error. When rules, names and money get involved, people can behave quite differently. This is a new flow art done without props: communication and adding the right energy to each individual involved. If you’re leading the practice, it’s good to come in with a plan of what you are envisioning that can be communicated clearly so everyone knows what the objective of the practice session is. If you are participating in someone else’s group, make sure the leader(s) are clear with you as to what the purpose(s) or intention(s) of the practice is. These kind of flow sessions I find separate the wheat from the chaff. Who is flowing just for fun, and who is looking to create something bigger, more organized and professional.

There is a sweet spot you can hit, where everyone is having fun, following instructions, growing themselves and/or others, making connections, AND getting paid. It’s a sensitive topic, but if you really want to grow in the realm of flow, getting organized with a plan and a schedule is the way to go. Remember to not reject anyone but be sure all understand the ground rules of your group, and where you are taking it.

All for now. No matter where you flow, make sure you are enjoying yourself, staying safe and leveling up life!

Blessings and abundance,
Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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