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Three Easy Ways Into The Flow State of Mind

What is the “flow state”?

Everyone seems to define it in their own way, however the primary commonality is that it is a state of being where the individual is in motion. “Flowing”, allowing the movement be done, and being so wrapped up in the present moment that everything just is. Simplicity. Freedom. Expression. Embodied.

How do you get there? How do you reach this state of being?
There are many, one might even argue infinite, ways to reaching the flow state. Here are three strong methods. Do keep in mind, since this is a state of being, it is highly influenced by your vibration upon entry.

Happy Hype Flow State

Get excited! Put on music that brings out your inner bliss automatically, and start moving however you feel. Get inspired! Get motivated! Visualize yourself living up to all epic expectations you may have, fulfilling your fantasies, and being a success story. When your being is in a state of enthusiasm, it’s easier to embody the feelings with movement. Whether you’re alone in your room, or out in public, putting the feelings of joy into action is a strong way to let go of the mind and get into the flow state.

Pressure Power Flow State

We all experience ups, downs . . . highs, lows . . . and all diversities in between. Anger. Dullness. Grief. Depression. These feelings shouldn’t be avoided, resisted, or dismissed, so how do we deal with them? Well, there are many ways. Flow arts is just one of them! Even when (especially when) you don’t feel motivated or inspired, pick up your prop and just see what happens. It might not make sense at first, but not only can flow arts help you move through the pressures of life, it can also help you reach a state of mindlessness; a flow state, which ends up shifting your vibration inevitably too.

Performing Publicly

Adrenaline. One of those chemicals that some of us truly live for. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or not, getting in front of an audience can be an effective and strong way to reach a state of stillness mentally. And allow movement to just happen through you. Now some of us find getting in front of an audience to be more nerve racking than anything! It is absolutely a pressure filled experience.

However, sometimes that pressure is the key to letting go of thoughts. Reverting back to muscle memory and opening the natural channels of expression through movement. Just ask the performers you know what it feels like flowing in front of an audience. Give it a shot!

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Keep flowing, growing, and glowing, with effervescent ease,

Liora of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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