Flow Arts & The Illusion of Elitism

The Illusion of Flow Arts Elitism

“Flow on, little flowmies.”
“Move your feet. Feel how sweet it is. Dream on, little dreamer. Keep on little dreamer.”

Do you think flow arts would ever, could ever, become an Olympic sport? Are we able to judge perfect form over imperfect form in this practice? I am sure we could figure out a way if we tried hard enough. Though I think of flow arts as more like playing music than like a sport.

“Move your feet. Feel how sweet it is.
Dream on, little dreamer. Follow all of your signs.”

A “flow state” is a state of being where we are completely in the moment. It’s not something that can be compared with anything because it is being with the completeness of being. It’s not something you can pin a blue ribbon or hang a gold medal on. With or without a prop in hand, you are invincible; beyond “the best”.

“You gotta gather up what you need. You gotta chose a direction. And when the moment is right for you, you gotta go.”

Though still, we can improve, be better, and advance along the path. We can grow our skills to a degree that anyone can see is “above average” to “outstanding”. Even progressing to a palpable jaw dropping silence of sheer admiration (which to me is the best of compliments). Right now I am avidly improving upon my “professional” flow arts talents in as many ways as I can. Admittedly, I aspire to become one of the greats; the greatest great, if there is such a thing. At the very least, I will become one whom solidified the importance of dexterity play as a mainstream health practice and performance art. That is my “Future Observation” (a practice Catherine and I also specialize and teach).

“You gotta keep your ideals high. You gotta know that the sky belongs to no one.”

Here’s the overall point. If you are progressing with your happiness and health as it relates to your flowing, you are amongst the elite. Regardless of prop, poi, hoop, rope dart, staff, fans, or otherwise, it doesn’t matter. Whether you’ve been flowing for 10 days or 10 years, still, it doesn’t matter. What is special about flow arts is the same thing that makes anything uncompetitive special: it doesn’t matter. No one wins the game of flow arts elitism, or maybe everyone wins. We progress and we diversify in our own ways, but if you’re enjoying it, there is no peak to be climbed to. Still, I climb like a fool. I believe there is a view from the top that may or may not ever exist. It trumps even the armature’s paint brush or the soloist’s guitar, these toys. I won’t ever have a masterpiece, nor a hit single, but I will play as a professional my whole life long.

The journey is the view, for the destination is as fleeting as the flow state. As soon as you’re in it, you know you’ll have to come down out of it soon

Yet still..

“You know you’ve got to go…”

Yours in flow, and direction,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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