Flow Arts – Making Hula Hooping/Poi A Career

Making it a Career – The Flowmie Funnel

As a professional performer who’s focused on generating income through the flow arts community, and like any successful business, it’s important to have a system. Where followers can effortlessly become inspired enough to become clients so you can start making money hula hooping! It all starts with you, and where you’d like to take your flow arts business. That is stage one. This time, we are focusing on stage two, three, and quantum leaps beyond.

Where to start?

Once you’ve established what it is you’re focusing on, what it is you want to do as a professional performer, flow arts teacher, or otherwise, you’re on to the perfect start. Now it’s time to create the system for which followers become clients.

You’ve got the social media channels, and have an idea of how to create interesting, inspiring content. But now what? How do you create a call to action that stands out enough to actually evoke the results you’re looking for? Here’s the funnel system we have created to walk followers, to flowmies, to financial abundance and consistency for a flow arts business.

Stage 1 – Generating Awareness & Leads:

This stage is the most “low risk” as it gets for others, and the most time consuming project for yourself. An example of what this could look like, is free daily content on Instagram, or free weekly content on YouTube. The idea here is to cultivate clarity and awareness in the community, and inspire them at a “follow worthy” degree.

Stage 2 – Peaking Interest & Lead Magnets:

This sage is essentially to get your followers to click on your links. “Click bait”, so to speak. However it’s good to make this stage in such a way that you’re able to see who’s clicking, so you can create a more direct relationship. An example of this could be free downloadable content from your site.

Stage 3 – Prompt Further Decision: 

Here’s where the “risk” goes up for them, so make sure you’ve packed this stage full of quality content, goodies, and illustrate the value crystal clearly. This could be a master class, a webinar, a consultation call; anything that connects you more directly to the person, giving you and them the ability to experience what it’s like to work together. This is also a conversion gateway, because depending on the situation, you might have just landed yourself a consistent student!

Stage 4 – Action & Follow Through:

This is the final stage for those of you honing in on your client funnel, or “flowmie funnel” as it relates to this industry. An example of this stage would be a consistent student, trainee, or high paying gig. You’re almost at the point of making money hula hooping or spinning poi! Congratulations for making it this far!

Of course, there’s further it can go. But for now, just focus on converting followers to flowmies to finances through a systematic funnel that walks people through simple awareness, to clicking on your site, signing up for something simple, to one-on-one conversation and coaching.

For your own strategizing and guidance, download our FREE Client Funnel Worksheet by clicking this link: Canva Worksheet

For further guidance in creating a business model that works, contact the professional flowmies and content creators of Sacred Flow Art:

Liora & Jesse Hart



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