Flow Arts Control – Are we really in control?

Prop Manipulation – Is Control an illusion?

You’re driving your car, or riding a bike, are you in control? When you decide what to eat, prepare, make, are you controlling the happenings of it’s becoming? When you swallow your food, are you controlling the process? How about flow arts control? Sure, some things can happen manually, or consciously, while in another given moment done completely subconsciously, or automatically!

Breath is an excellent example. You can choose to take a deeper breath, or simply allow it to happen. Though even as we choose to breathe, are we actually in control of what’s happening? Really ask yourself, “can I actually gain control of a situation?”. Can I influence to the point of certainty an outcome to come? It’s rational to believe that if I follow a recipe for spaghetti I can *make* it happen, “I’m cooking, I’m controlling the kitchen”. However, with grander concepts like whether or not you’ll ace the exam, or mail that job interview, the outcomes are more blurry. So where’s the line? What can we control, if there is such a thing? And can we increase our mastery of it? Yes!

Let’s take a step back and talk about simple objects – props!

Who controls who?

As we practice flow arts, are we controlling the prop? Science theorizes that for every action, there is an equal and inverse reaction. As our body weight presses into the earth, so does the earth press into our body – equally! Wouldn’t this imply that if you control something, it is also simultaneously controlling you with just as much force? (Mind blown sound effect) The ultimate question is are you aware of what’s influencing/controlling you?

Flow Arts & Control.. As we practice poi, or hula hooping, is the poi and hoop also practicing us? Absurd! The poi and hoop have no mind. They have no care to control, dance, or even interact with anything! They’re just a thing! Yet, so are we. Is the only difference spirit? Is there no spirit in props? Let me ask you this, if you feel drawn to spinning poi, wouldn’t that mean the poi is also being drawn to you? Call it magnetism. Call it flow. It’s what we love as performers, and we can’t always explain it. It’s more a feeling!

When pondering the idea of control, what comes to mind? Is it associated with people? Is it associated with manipulating objects? Circumstance? Is it an illusion?

We have reasons to understanding that as conscious beings, we have the capacity to influence, control, and manipulate reality to being exactly as we can dream it in our minds. The challenge is in completing it to the T, and it’s what we specialize in.

If it’s all an illusion, what kind of illusion would you create?

Infinite blessings,

Liora of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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