First Time Fire Spinning! – Beginner Fire Spinning Guide

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First Time Fire Spinning – Beginner Guide!

So it’s your first time fire spinning?! Let’s learn how to dip your wicks, what kind of clothes to wear and how to do a spin off/burn off. (And maybe a little bit about fire spinning safety!)

Fire Spinning Clothing

When fire spinning, clothing should be tight fitting and ideally natural fibers such as cotton, hemp, or leather. Synthetic or plastic materials tend to be more flammable and should be avoided. Kevlar sleeves are also a great item to have to protect your arms. Your arms are most likely to be hit with your wicks, so Kevlar sleeves are a must. For Kevlar sleeves, Click Here!

Dipping Fire Wicks

Before you go to dip your wicks, make sure the ground you are spinning over is clean and ideally pavement or gravel. Fire spinning in a grassy/woody area is dangerous and should be avoided. Give your poi wicks a good long soak in your fuel but try to keep the tether and your fingers dry.

Fire Spin Off/Burn Off

You will always have excess fuel dripping off your wick after you dip. Now it’s time for a spin off or a burn off. This is essentially spinning your poi quickly in circles to remove all extra fuel on your wicks. A spin off refers to spinning the fuel off before you light your wicks. A burn off refers to spinning off the fuel after you light your wicks. Give it a solid 10 rotations to be sure there is no leaking fuel. See our Fire Spinning Fuels blog post if you have questions on which is best!

Now get out there and have fun!

And for our last piece of advice for your first time fire spinning, remember to have a fire blanket nearby to put out your flame out. Having a dedicated blanket keeps you worry free and your wicks clean. Your first time fire spinning is an incredible experience, and this blog post was created to give you the basics so your first burn is as awesome as it can be! Now go out there be ready for an unforgettable experience!

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2 thoughts on “First Time Fire Spinning! – Beginner Fire Spinning Guide

  1. Kiho Kim says:

    Hi I would love to learn the art of first dancing. Could you recommend a basic kit I’d need for a beginner.
    I have no preference on the type of flow art. I’d like to learn basic skills first

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