Fire Spinning Safety Tips

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Fire Spinning – Burns & Safety Tips

Fire spinning lets us capture and manipulate the powerful element of fire. It is beautiful and inspiring, but can also be dangerous. We’ve put together a concise guide with our top fire spinning safety tips! There are some important factors to keep in mind for your best experience spinning fire.

Whether its fire hoops, fire poi, or any other fire prop, never burn alone. It’s always a good idea to have a friend nearby. A friend can get help if needed, and can also prevent accidentally burning down your favorite neighborhood park. And there is someone there to show off all those new moves you are learning!

We also suggest wearing tighter fitting clothing whenever you are fire spinning. Loose clothing tends to get caught on chains, and more often catches fire. Tighter clothes and Kevlar sleeves are recommended to keep that fire on the wick! An additional perk of tighter sleeves is easier arm movements & extended range to overall improve your flow, fire or otherwise!

If you are ever wondering about public fire spinning permits, The North American Fire Arts Association has resources for fire artists including safety, insurance and guidelines for obtaining fire permits.

First Time Fire Spinning?

Take your time! Make sure you are totally prepared and confident with the props you are using. Spin them around unlit to be sure that you have plenty of room to flow. When spinning poi, be conscious not to tangle your poi around yourself. Whether spinning fire hoop, fire poi, or fire staff don’t try any moves you are not confident with! There is always time to expand your flow and learn new moves while not working with an open flame!

Fire Burn First Aid

What kind of burn do you have?

No fire spinner ever avoids burning themselves! First, put out the flame! Immediately put out your wicks, so you can fully focus on the burn. Now decide whether you are dealing with a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree burn.

With a 1st degree burn, skin is intact, but red and painful. A 2nd degree burn is caused by prolonged exposure to heat or very high temperatures. The skin may be intact or partially peeling (it may also appear a bit moist or marked with spots). These burns are very painful. A 3rd degree burn is the most serious burn where the skin is burned through all its layers. Tissue underneath may be showing, and the edges of the burn are often charred. The center of the burned area may not be painful because the pain receptors in the skin have been burned off along with the skin.

Care for Fire Spinning Burns

For a 1st degree burn, immediately run the burn under cold water for at least 5 full minutes. This cools down the temperature of the skin so it doesn’t get any worse. Do not apply any lotions. Leave the skin uncovered and dry.

2nd degree burns are more complex. If the skin is still intact, run under cold water for at least 5 full minutes. After the skin has cooled, you can apply antibiotic cream. Never burst the blisters. Expect minimal to no scarring and allow one to two weeks to fully heal.

3rd degree burns are the most susceptible to infection and require the most care. Cover the area in a clean and dry dressing. Call an ambulance or go to the emergency room immediately. Failure to receive proper treatment can lead to gangrene or loss of a limb!

Take care of yourself and others around you and always seek medical assistance if you are not fully confident in taking care of a burn!

Always be safe, your first fire spinning session will be a memory you never forget!

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