Fire Spinning Safety Checklist

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Beginner Fire Spinner Safety

Fire is so much fun, isn’t it?! Once you started burning, it’s safe to say you’re hooked. A burning passion, to say the least!

It’s also safe to say that you could use a fire spinning safety checklist before getting carried away with soaked wicks, a lighter, and dozens of eyes waiting to be dazzled by your new-found skills. Copy and paste this to your notepad, or write it out on an actual notepad, add your own flare, and make it a routine to review before flicking your bic!

Fire Spinning Safety Checklist:

  • My clothes are made of 100% cotton or other organic materials. I am not wearing polyester or melt-able materials.
  • My hair (if long) is out of the way, covered, or tied back from my face.
  • I have easy access to water.
  • I have a wet towel, or fire safety blanket, placed at least 10 feet away from the fuel.
  • My fueling station has a container for any excess fuel to drain into as I dip/soak, ensuring that fuel DOES NOT get onto the ground.
  • The ground where I’m burning is not flammable.
  • I have designated a key word for my audience to shout if any part of me is on fire.

(We recommend the word “Orange” – then the body part. It is better to NOT use the word “fire”, because it could easily be misunderstood. Obviously, there’s fire!)

  • Once lit, remember to breathe and keep moving! Keep flowing!

Respect the Fire | Play with the Fire!

It is important to remember that we burn for fun! It is not something that should be taken too seriously. However, playing with fire requires a degree of respect and sincerity. Take your time to get ready. Don’t rush into your burn. Your audience will wait, and almost always be pleased. Everyone will be more impressed with your ability to manage a safe and smooth performance than anything else. Just check in with yourself before jumping into the high energies of a show. Take some deep, centering breaths as you run through your fire spinning safety checklist.

Remember – there’s no such thing as a mistake in this world; only room for improvement. As long as you’re flowing, you’re moving forward and progressing in skill. Most importantly of all – BE SAFE and HAVE FUN!!

Infinite Gratitude,

A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger
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