Fire Spinning & Our Fire Within

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Fire Spinning – Within and With Out


We enjoy watching fire spinning for it is a direct reflection of the macro cosmos and the micro molecular; at least that is my speculation. Emulation of our expansive and microscopic selves is something we are naturally keen to doing because it is who we are! Though many have a natural intimidation with fire, as it has brought us both life as well as death. It has brought people together through ceremony and torn us apart through pillage. To wield fire, to be a fire bender as it were, is something to have great respect for. Let us contemplate the world of the fire spinner and consider the responsibilities it brings.



“Play with fire and you’ll get burned.”


There’s really no way around it, if you plan on wielding fire, prepare to receive its touch. Those who see fire as a potential enemy will see its interaction with you as a threat and detrimental to your well being. Those who see fire spinning as a potential friend will see its interaction with you as a teachers language, explaining to you what is ok and not ok to do.

Fire is not mindless, though people who are not in a more harmonious connection with themselves will likely see it as so. Fire is very much alive and many speculate that it as close to Spirit and as we can experience physically. And just like Spirit, if we do not learn it’s ways, our ego, will become injured, diseased and struggle to survive. To me, to fire spin is to take on life and Spirit in one of the most extreme ways, not just to burn our own light more brightly, but to tame and manage our inner essence as well. Through be aware, mastery is only ever practice and there is no telling what the elements will do if you let your focus be broken.



Your spirit will soar!


If you practice your fire hoop or fire poi diligently, and have a good “virgin burn”, you will likely be grinning ear to ear. Joy and enthusiasm will emanate from every pore as you come to meet the roaring sound of fire flowing around your head, the heat of the flames on your skin, and the vortexual movement dancing with your eyes. It’s like falling in love, but with a doing rather than a being. If you make it to this point, you’re likely to continue the habit that is flow arts for some time to come. Just remember though to always stay grounded where your feet are first and be with your foundation and do what you know you can do with your fire poi or otherwise.

The second you start to show off or “try” to do something you are not certain you can do, be prepared for the fire to teach you to be humble and honor your flammable person. Also, respect the fuel and remember that you are breathing in smoke while you burn, so considering wearing something over your nose and mouth and come to understand your limits.


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Burn on and bless up,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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