Fire Spinning Choreography

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Design a Fire Spinning Choreography

Welcome flowmies! Today we will lay out all the steps to designing your fire spinning choreography.

You will need:

  • Prop of choice
  • Song of choice
  • Notepad
  • Space to practice

Pick a Prop & Practice Burn 

Firstly, you will need to pick a prop. This is important to decide upon first because different props burn for different amounts of time, thus distinguishing the appropriate length for the song. Now, once you’re clear about what prop you’re burning with, you’ll need to do a practice burn to time out how long the wicks stay lit.

PRO TIP – You can always pick multiple props and multiple songs for one choreography, or one really long song to level up your show once you’ve got basic choreography design down.

Choose a Song

Choosing the song is next. Based on how long your wicks stay lit for, you’ll need to find a song that’s no shorter than your burn time. If the song is a bit longer, that’s ok; it gives you an opportunity to perhaps light your wicks 30 seconds in, or go out with another act.

PRO TIP – For considering more future level-ups like filming your choreography as a music video, choose a non-copyrighted song. This will give you the ability to publish your video on YouTube without getting flagged, and even helps you to connect more with growing artists for future collaborations.


Once you’ve got the prop and song picked out, you’ll need to listen to the song a few times with an open mind. Start visualizing what you will do in certain parts of the song to create a story, express, and illustrate something unique to your audience. Figure out the best time to light your wicks, and how you will light them. As these particular parts of the song become clear, open up your notepad and take note as to what time specifically these parts start, and what trick you’ll be doing.

Continue running through the song, visualizing, and feeling what will flow best. It might help to put the song on repeat, and to free flow with your prop to get more of a feel for what will come into the choreography. Keep plugging in tricks to specific times within your song, taking note until the whole song choreography is documented.


0:00-0:10 – Hoop is held around body, have someone light each wick as I rotate 360 degrees

0:10-0:28 – Spiral around in circles, moving the hoop up and down body with hands

0:28-0:35 – Turn and lift the hoop up overhead, spinning it overhead facing the audience

(Continue until the end of the song.)

This documentation will give you the capacity to remember more effortlessly. When we write things out, it reiterates into the memory more effectively, and naturally gives you a physical copy to refer to just in case you forget a part down the road of time. Writing it out also enables you to design multiple choreographies without losing track of what goes where.

Test Run

Finally, practice with fire. Do a practice run (not in front of an audience) to get a feel for what it’s like in actuality before presenting it to the public.

PRO TIP – Record yourself doing the full set and review it before presenting. This will help you tweak any last details into perfection.

If you need help with musicality, and choreography composition, reach out! We are experts at designing and perfecting multi prop, multi person, and multi song choreographies to the point of full 30-60 minute shows!

Growing, flowing, and growing,

With effervescent ease,

Liora of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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