Finding Your Passion

Passion & Self Discovery

You may be wondering what your purpose is, here on Earth. Finding your passion can be a illusive journey. There is a lot of pressure from society that almost forces us from a young age to have “what we want to be” in mind. We have been asked since we were children, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

We see our peers “figuring out” their life so easily living us feeling hopeless and pressured to make a decision for the rest of our lives. Money has always been taken into consideration in terms of what we focused on for our future. A lot of us may have pushed away music, theatre, or even the flow arts because of this false belief that doing what we love will not bring us money. This is completely false as we live in a world where everything is based off of energy.

Energetic Balance

The effort we put in, the passion radiating from each of us goes noticed and is what we receive back. It is a mutual exchange of energy where sometimes money is the reward for what we bring forth into the world. A spiritual experience. Set all pressures, money and fear aside. Tune into your heart and ask yourself what it really is that you desire for your life. That is the key to finding your passion.

What impact do you want to make while you are here? It can be to spin fire poi, to be a professional hooper, or even to just be a compassionate human being! When we dive deeper into ourselves and come to peace with who we are, the Universe pushes us in the direction that serves the Highest good of us all.

Highest Self

When we align with our joy, happiness and authentic nature, it inspires others to do the same! Let us all rise into our power, because we deserve it and rise together as a community, human family and support each other in this rise. A lot of society is based off competition and greed, which can be quite intimating. It is a fear-based system. We can rise above. We can be the change. So, I ask you, what difference are you trying to make? Who are you going to be that will inspire others?

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