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Hula Hooping, Poi, and Staff Spinning Expression

For most of us, hooping is a fun and expressive way to dance and flow with a prop. We take videos and love to show our moves to friends. But just as mind and body are connected, hula hooping is an emotional expression too. Sometimes, we carry built up emotion and repressed feelings with us daily, which affects our performance. Often, speaking to someone doesn’t bring the clarity we need so we are left in a place of confusion. Using flow and dance is a physical expression but is often emotionally healing as well. When we flow with our hoop, poi, or any other prop, we let out all that built up energy we’ve been holding onto. We connect to ourselves on a deeper energetic level.

Have you ever noticed how your hoop flow changes based on the mood you’re in? This is our body expressing our subconscious emotional state! Next time you pick up your hula hoop or poi, take a moment within yourself to see how you’re feeling. Notice your flow from a third person. Do you see a correlation between your mood and flow? Do you feel better after spending a few minutes with your prop through an energetic, electric dance or a sorrowful, slow spin? These expressions are all equally beautiful.

Meditation and Flow Arts

Allowing the flow arts to be a healing experience can benefit us by providing stability and emotional balance. Letting go of old emotional build up and thought patterns through dance and flow can act as a meditative experience. If you already incorporate emotional healing in your flow, try adding a short period of meditation before and after you hoop to further your internal strength and connection. Before your flow, set your intentions on what you want to release and how you want to feel.

And in your post meditation, reflect on how you feel and share it! Emit your connective state whether it’s online, with friends and family or within yourself. You matter and deserve to be heard and seen! Sometimes when we share our hoop progress, we get feedback that encourages us to keep it up! Put yourself out there, you will receive back what you put into it! Connection to what we do every day fulfills a deeper purpose we all crave.

When you connect to your body and mind through a hobby, activity or art form, this helps raise your serotonin, making you feel happy, joyous and overall… connected! Here at Sacred Flow Art, we have endless options on our site for you to choose from so that you can best express what you are emitting to the world. Thank you for being here and for being who you are! Shed tears, laugh, dance and rage – it is all interconnected in the emotional waves of life.

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