Elemental Embrace – Fire & Water

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Fire & Water 

When we flow, whether fire spinning or with your favorite polypro hoop, we embrace the elements. Part 1 embrace the inner air and earth within us. Now we will channel our inner fire and water elements. Fire and Water are the most expressive of elements. Without these two elements, there would not be enough personality in the flow. Not enough ‘umph’ or emotion to truly capture the essence you may be going for with your form. Following your inner fire and emotional nature will help you keep it real, in all aspects!


Passion. Ignition. Fire. Fire is the ever-fierce and beautiful essence represented in fire spinning. When we spin fire, we manipulate and control a mighty, powerful force. It bends and spins to our will, but must be approached with caution. Being too confident handling its energy will leave you burned. Flow with it as a snake or you will feel its venom pierce you. Fire spinning is a humbling experience that should not be taken advantage of but felt and worked with. Let it flow through you as you radiate outward your incredible human nature and capabilities. The element of fire has the power to reach uncontrollable heights and as do you.


Water is our expressive nature. It is all about feeling and shifting accordingly. Hooping resembles an individual’s flow through the usage of a hoop. Sometimes we keep our flow tamed and simple, while other times our flow expresses itself with an energy more powerful than a hurricane. It is all an eternal flow being represented. Depending on your music choice during hooping, for example, can be a key factor in how your flow looks to others. Have an intention with it so others can feel what you are trying to express. You can go deep like that or keep it more light-hearted and fun. There’s no wrong way to do it. The waters of expression run deep and through all of us. It is just a matter of tuning into the depths within yourself. This teaches authenticity in your art form. Be you. Represent who you truly are. Others feel your energy and can feel what you are emitting so if you are not being true, naturally you will not receive the reciprocation of energy you desire.

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