Elements of Flow Arts – Air & Earth

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Elements of Flow Arts – Air & Earth

The Flow Arts have a power to connect us to the elements of the universe. We can get in tune with our physical vessels and flow to the rhythm continuously, infinitely. Hoops, poi and staff allow us to connect to the deeper expression within ourselves; And at the same time connects us to the universe. It breaks us away from the everyday schedule to something that may resonate a little more deeper in our hearts. It is truly a miracle how magnificent our organic nature is and how much we can ‘juggle’ within this realm. The elements of flow arts are visually represented as there is a deeper connection for those willing to look within. Let us take a look into this rabbit hole and explore all that we encompass Air and Earth on an everyday basis.


The air is our protective blanket, flowing around and through us at all times. As we flow with the air, we embrace and mold to its desires. Then we can truly shift our direction in what the universe has in store for us. While spinning poi, there is a gush of energy that has you shape shift to its request, or it visually will not express itself in the way that you intend. Air gives us life. Gives us direction. When we resist air, we resist our Highest Calling and in turn, abandon ourselves. Being present and keenly in tune with its request helps when we are expressing it through our own art form. From the air, fire can be created.


Earth grounds us. Is us. With our feet planted, we have a sense of stability and balance with the other three elemental forces. Earth is our roots, our overall body. We are Mother Earth herself and being grounded within our internal nature provides expression to pour out of our hearts in a way that impacts the world. We can make deeper connections within the community, in our art form and most importantly, within ourselves, when we root ourselves to our authentic nature. During a flow art practice, being grounded with your body aids in the elements being represented by you. It pours out of you like the air, flows within you as the water, ignites itself as you as fire as you ground yourself to this overall elemental embrace.

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