Ego and Flow Arts

Ego and Flow Arts


I project that many “spiritual” people may see the ego as bad, and certainly it can be. People may jump from hearing the word ego and interpreting it as “one who is egotistical” or full of themselves. Breaking it down to basics, I understand the ego merely as the separate human condition; even more plainly, the body. When we pride ourselves on our separate body as being better than others, this is when the ego may be a hindrance. On oneself and others as the pendulum may swing back in the other direction and humble or even humiliate ourselves, potentially crippling oneself physically, mentally and/or emotionally.


When I wrote about “An Extension of Yourself” Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 a few weeks back, I eluded to the truth that we are universes practicing flow art with a prop that is the body, practicing with a prop that is poi, hula hoop, staff and so on. When we understand that the ego cannot be without spirit (that being, we cannot be a living body without a life force) and that spirit cannot be without an ego (the non-physical needs something as to be), we see that the two are inseparable, and even insinuate each other. 

Ego Within Flow Arts


What does this mean as it pertains to ego and flow arts? Truly, that the ego doesn’t actually matter, unless you declare that it does. Which I suppose we all do, as we understand scientifically that we are matter! Some egos may start some drama; to me this is just a form of disharmony, or untrained noise, of someone wanting to be seen or heard. Some egos may point to a drama already at hand. And to me I see it as a form of disharmony coming potentially into harmony. Just as we all need to spot ourselves and each other on our blunders or potential blunders. This is learning! This is adaptation!

It is not so much about being better, or being worse, for *as above, so below, as below, so above*. There will always be a hooper better than you are, and worse than you are. There will always be someone more successful in their poi career, and someone who never even cultivated the courage to start one. We will always find ourselves in the middle of a little more, and a little less. The question is:


Can your ego see that truth as a blessing?


Blessings be,
Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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