Discovering Flow Arts – A Hula Hooping Journey

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Discovering The Art Of Flow

We’ve all had that moment; that gravitational feeling where you can’t seem to break your eyes away from the dazzling skill of the flow arts. Whether it be the light trails from LED Hoops, the *whoosh-ing* sound vibrations of a fire spinner, or the hypnotic feel of heart-felt expressive movement – You’ve got stars in your eyes and a hunger for new experience!

Reflecting on that moment, as a professional performer, is one of my favorite things to do.

My name is Catherine Rutan, though you might recognize me from YouTube as “Liora Cat”. My story as a performer began as an inspired blogger at my first weekend music festival – Lucidity Festival. I remember feeling more at home, more comfortable, and more accepted than ever before. From the many stages, to the healing tents, to the pathways connecting it all, the environment was FULL of laughter and smiles, day in, and day out, into the wee hours of the morning. Bubbling energy erupted as people of various cultures danced, jumped, and walked about the grounds, sharing blessings, excitement, healing, and love. It was a ceremonious city that embodied it’s own unique culture of interconnected diversity, and I was BLISSING out! Many of my passions blossomed from that weekend; from the loving nature of festival culture.

Hula Hooping Journey & Passion

Not long after, I discovered my life’s purpose and made the decision to follow my heart. I wanted nothing more than to lead a life inspiring others to open their hearts, fully express themselves, and live in harmony with their ultimate dream/fantasies. My hula hooping journey is not just a fun activity for me; it is a means of inspiring, and enabling myself and others to grow in holistic ways, to discover unique flow, and to cultivate empowering bliss through expressive movement!

hula hooping music festival, music festival girl, lucidity music festival, festy girls, fire hooping, fire hula hoop, fire spinning girl, fire flow arts,

This is just the beginning! A whole world awaits, and you’ve just opened the doors to one new chapter! My story began in the festival scene, and flowered out the more I practiced. Eventually, with practice, I began fire spinning, performing professionally, and teaching others hula hooping and fan spinning through online tutorials , private lessons, and workshops around the world! There are many directions you can take your flow, and simply reading this puts you on the fast track for growing into a professional and epic flow arts performer! All that’s left for you to do is acquire your first props! Find your perfect Hula Hoop, Poi Set, Fan, or Rope Dart and start practicing! 🤸‍♀️⭕️

Find Full Flow Arts Tutorials on the Sacred Flow Art YouTube Channel!

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