Circles in Flow Arts

The Sacredness of One – The Single Circle

When we look at sacred geometry, all patterns begin with the formulation if the singular circle. From there, more circles are born, branching out into infinity. Straight lines and perfect geometrical shapes can also be found within the patterns formed from circles. From there, we can even find the building blocks of physical matter! However, let’s dial our focus back to just one singular circle, since that is where it all began.

Circles in Flow Arts

If the circle is the foundation of all sacred geometry, is it also the foundation of flow arts? Where can we see it’s magic in flow arts? Let’s dive in!

The props themselves:

Whether you’re working with a hoop, rope dart, poi, staffs, fans, or otherwise, each prop is constructed with circular shapes. The hoop may be the most obvious of the bunch, as they are clearly circular. The poi and dart heads are also easy to recognize as being circular, or spherical even! So what about the rest? We have to look even closer…

Turn the hoop on its side and it no longer looks like a circle, right? Look closer. The tube itself is round! The poi tethers may also be round! What about the staff pole? The wires that construct your fire fans? – Chances are, you will find more circles within your performance equipment. The foundation of the props themselves begins with circular shapes… not to mention the molecules themselves…

Your First Trick

Regardless of what your prop is, what is the first thing you did with it? Spun it right? In a circle, right? The fundamental movement of all tricks in flow arts stems from the basic spin; the circle.

Just like the formulation of the universe, living beings, and all physical matter, the singular circle is the beginning. From the tricks, the shapes of each prop, down to the molecular structure itself, the circle is the first aspect that makes flow arts so sacred.

What’s next though? Isn’t there more than just the circle?

Yes. What happens when we add another? A Diad. A Triad. Could it get any more complicated? Yes.

Follow along as we illustrate the sacred nature of each shape formulated in flow arts. From the single circle to the seed of life, we are only knee deep in this series of what makes flow arts sacred.

Yours in flow,

Catherine Rutan-Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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