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Flow State of Mind – Flow Arts in Practice

Three Easy Ways Into The Flow State of Mind What is the “flow state”? Everyone seems to define it in their own way, however the primary commonality is that it is a state of being where the individual is in motion. “Flowing”, allowing the movement be done, and being so wrapped up in the present […]

Fire Spinning Fuel Review – White Gas (Camp Fuel) vs Kerosene!

Fire Spinning Fuel – Review and Comparison Recently we created a video tutorial on the Sacred Flow Art YouTube channel on the fire spinning fuel types of white gasoline (camp fuel) vs kerosene, to witness and talk about their primary differences and commonalities. Let’s cover what was covered that day on Punta Jesús María, on […]

Managing Negativity in the Flow Arts Scene

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Flow on – How to manage negativity with flow. There are insecure egos around every block. Many of these people still separating their own bodies from their environments live and breathe by the phrase, “misery loves company”. This is some perspective on the flow arts negativity in the scene. Often times in my flow arts […]

Building a Professional Flow Arts Team – Part Four

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First-time Fire Spinners – First Flow Arts Performance  One of the most challenging, yet certainly one of the most rewarding aspects of creating a fire spinning flow arts team is to train individuals for their “Virgin Burn”, or first flow arts performance. It’s kind of like teaching someone to ride a bike, or how to […]

Building A Flow Arts Team – Part Three – Flow Arts Equipment

Flow Arts Equipment and Props  You’ve got the people, and they’re interested in performing as a professional team. Some may have experience, others may be starting from scratch, and they are all looking to you for guidance. It is time to begin the practice!    What Prop?    Before showing up to the first practice […]

Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 5 – Paid Performances vs Free Shows

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Making It a Career (Part 5) – Paid Performances vs Justifying Free Shows  The most controversial topic I can think of as it relates to turning your flow arts into a professional career sits with this topic. Flow Arts paid performances. When is it appropriate to do free shows? Where do we draw the line […]

Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 4 – The Yin & Yang of Teaching & Performing

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Making It a Career (Part 4) – Yin and Yang When mastering something new, like turning your flow into a business (or flow arts in and of itself), there’s an infinite amount of informational guidance you’ll find on the web. But regardless of how many tutorials, classes/coaching, and articles you absorb, there is only so […]

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