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Circles in Flow Arts

The Sacredness of One – The Single Circle When we look at sacred geometry, all patterns begin with the formulation if the singular circle. From there, more circles are born, branching out into infinity. Straight lines and perfect geometrical shapes can also be found within the patterns formed from circles. From there, we can even […]

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi: Part 3

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi “Spinning a weight on the end of a cord in circles may be the next Parkinson’s physical therapy treatment.” Dr. Kate Reigle van West’s “early research on poi and Parkinson’s shows promise for improving quality of life.” The study is exciting to read, to see flow arts assisting, if not […]

Poi Move Names – Tech Poi vs Common Names

led poi, smart poi, pixel poi, professional led poi, pod poi,

Poi Move Names – Proper vs Improper Names It has come up a number of times lately that as we continue to grow our professionalism in flow arts, so must the accuracy continue to grow in refining the words we use to describe the poi moves we are presenting.    This can get very tech-nical, […]

An Extension of Yourself – Part 2 – Poi Spinning and Beyond

So you have your prop, and it is clearly a prop and not an extension of your arm; the poi is something dead, and your arm is something living, therefore the two are clearly on separate ends of the spectrum…   Being One with your Prop   Though have you ever seen someone who was […]

An Extension of Yourself – Part 1 – Poi Spinning and Beyond

To the untrained eye, flow arts could easily be mistaken for “prop spinning”, because clearly that is what we are doing! Some flow artist make it look so easy; effortless even. People get inspired by this, pick up a pair of sock poi and start spinning it. Ninety-nine percent of the time those people start […]

Benefits of a Flow Arts Coach/Flow Arts Teacher

flow arts coach, flow arts teacher

Whether you’ve been practicing for years, or just beginning, there’s always room for improvement. That’s one of the joys of flow arts; it’s a world of infinite possibilities! There are many methods for growth and mastery of new tricks, transitions, and flow. Find flow jams with friends, and learn through skill sharing in person. You […]

Flowing Alone & Flowing Together – Social Flow Arts Scene

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Flow Arts Scene The flow arts scene and fire spinning can, and in all likelihood will, be a social thing. It can be an individual and meditative practice, an activity to do among friends, a discipline to perhaps make a profession, and it can be all the above! How flow arts compliments your life will […]

Best Poi Tether – Rope, Kevlar, Technora, Pod Poi Review

monkey fist fire poi, kevlar fire poi, fire spinning poi, kevlar fire props, beginner fire poi

Tether Talk – Best Poi Tether – Reviews & Comparison Which tether type is the best? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for! Comfort? Versatility? Tethers for tech? Fire? Let’s go over some of the options for the best poi tether and their pros and cons so you can make the best decision for […]

Indoor Poi Spinning and Hooping – Benefits of Being at Home!

cat poi, kitten poi

Let’s talk about some advantages to at home poi/hooping. Indoor flow arts can definitely bring you a level up in your flow. At Home Poi and Hooping Advantages Firstly, since you have walls and halls all around you now, and plenty of objects to get in your way, now is the time to master your […]

Sacred Flow Art & Sacred Geometry

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Flow Arts are Sacred Arts Although props come in various shapes, and create a variety more with each trick, they all have one thing in common – circles. Whether they’re made into a circle like the hula hoop, spheres like the poi and rope dart, or other various shapes, they all create a circle with […]

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