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Starting a Flow Arts Business

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Have you been loving flow arts so much that you are considering making a living doing it? We felt the same way! Here are the 5 basic steps you can take to get some good momentum behind your career in starting a flow arts business!   Establish your Flow Arts Business Demographic What are the […]

Sacred Flow Art & Sacred Geometry

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Flow Arts are Sacred Arts Although props come in various shapes, and create a variety more with each trick, they all have one thing in common – circles. Whether they’re made into a circle like the hula hoop, spheres like the poi and rope dart, or other various shapes, they all create a circle with […]

Discovering Flow Arts – A Hula Hooping Journey

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Discovering The Art Of Flow We’ve all had that moment; that gravitational feeling where you can’t seem to break your eyes away from the dazzling skill of the flow arts. Whether it be the light trails from LED Hoops, the *whoosh-ing* sound vibrations of a fire spinner, or the hypnotic feel of heart-felt expressive movement […]

How I Became a Poi Flow Artist and Fire Spinner

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My Introduction to Poi In 2008 I was on a 10,000 mile road-trip from Portland, Oregon around the whole of Mexico. While in Colima, our host took us out to a restaurant that had a back patio that looked out into a dense and dark jungle. Just in front of the foliage was a stage, […]

Bring the Kids to Music Festivals?

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  Bringing children to music festivals? We’ve all wandered around a music festival and seen all the kids running around with (and sometimes without) their parents. The beautiful free spirit of a child always brings good vibes to a festival, but is it right to bring a child to a music festival? Let’s take a […]

Fall 2019 Festival Guide

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Fall 2019 Festival Guide  Whether you’re into hooping, poi, or just dancing, music festivals are a great time. Music brings us all together as a community, and when the hoopers unite, it’s even more fun! We’ve created a little list for all (our favorite) upcoming music festivals in our Fall 2019 festival guide! Lucky for you, […]

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