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Ultra Hoop Shuffle – Product Review

ultra hoop shuffle

LED Ultra Hoop Shuffle – Testimonial  Upon opening, it was obvious that the Ultra Hoop Shuffle had been made and handled with quality as a primary focus. The hoop was packaged extra consciously, coiled once to fit in the box and accompanied with an extender piece in case I need to store it coiled in […]

How to do hula hoop Isolations! – Beginner Hooping Tutorials

hooping tutorial, learn hula hooping moves, hooping isolations

Learn how to do Hoop Isolations! Isolations are a great move for beginners transitioning into more complex moves. But not to worry! We have broken it down here to make it as easy and fun as possible. Beginners who are now comfortable with the size and weight of their hoop should be in a good […]

Fall 2019 Festival Guide

music festivals, hulaween, hulaween 2018, jam scene, edm scene,

Fall 2019 Festival Guide  Whether you’re into hooping, poi, or just dancing, music festivals are a great time. Music brings us all together as a community, and when the hoopers unite, it’s even more fun! We’ve created a little list for all (our favorite) upcoming music festivals in our Fall 2019 festival guide! Lucky for you, […]

Elements of Flow Arts – Air & Earth

elements, fire and water, unity, one love, one human family

Elements of Flow Arts – Air & Earth The Flow Arts have a power to connect us to the elements of the universe. We can get in tune with our physical vessels and flow to the rhythm continuously, infinitely. Hoops, poi and staff allow us to connect to the deeper expression within ourselves; And at […]

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