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Poi Move Names – Tech Poi vs Common Names

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Poi Move Names – Proper vs Improper Names It has come up a number of times lately that as we continue to grow our professionalism in flow arts, so must the accuracy continue to grow in refining the words we use to describe the poi moves we are presenting.    This can get very tech-nical, […]

Learning Hula Hoop Moves & Tricks | Learning Poi Moves & Tricks

led poi, smart poi, pixel poi, professional led poi, pod poi, led poi patterns,

Learning Hula Hoop Moves and Poi Moves I have been learning hula hoop/poi moves for AWHILE now, and I felt like it would be beneficial for you to hear about the easy step by step process is takes to master a hula hoop move/poi move at an ever quickening pace. These five steps will not […]

Poi Butterfly and Poi Buzzsaw Tutorial – Poi Spinning Tutorials

poi butterfly, poi buzzsaw

Poi Butterfly and Poi Buzzsaw Lets take a look at and learn Poi Butterfly and Buzzsaw! These moves are pretty simple and follow a similar learning curve making them easy to learn together. Follow along with the video for a visual guide as well. If you’re a beginner and want to learn about poi basics […]

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