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What makes flow arts sacred?

What Makes Flow Arts “Sacred”? As we have discussed before all things are sacred in one way or another. Existence itself is! However, that is not what we are here to discuss today. What makes flow arts particularly sacred? What gives it that spark that gets it the recognition as something sacred? We have a […]

Pregnant Hula Hooping – First Trimester Review & Tips

pregnant hula hooping

Is pregnant hula hooping even possible? Based on our experience, the answer is – YES! Catherine, the creator of our hula hooping tutorials, has completed her first trimester of her first pregnancy. From the experience, she has gathered some insights to share about the possibilities and things to consider with hula hooping during your first […]

Best Beginner Hula Hoop Material

sparkle green polypro hoop, mint stardust hoop

Best Beginner Hula Hoop Material – Polypro, HDPE, and More! Are you stuck in deciding what kind of hula hoop material you should choose? There’s quite a diverse selection of materials. It can be a bit confusing if you don’t know what they all are. Let’s go over the most commonly seen hoop material types. […]

First Time Fire Hooping Experience – Guide & Tips!

fire hooping tips, beginner fire hooping, professional fire hooping, fire hooping tips

Your First Fire Hooping Experience – Pro Tips Fire. It’s a big deal. It’s fierce and consistent, it’s hot, and having it close to your body is a rush in and of itself, let alone wielding it with you flow arts prop! As a hooper preparing for your first burn, there are a few NEED-TO-KNOW […]

Fire Hooping vs Regular Hula Hooping – A Short Story

hula hooping ocean, hula hooping lake, hula hoop water,

Fire Hooping vs Regular Hula Hooping – A Short Story Since day one, we have been encouraging you to get clear on where you would like to go with your flow. As a hooper, here is why, from a tactical and personally humbling experience. Humble Beginnings – A Fire Hooping Story When I first began […]

Our Flow Arts Journey Around the World

poi ocean, poi tutorials, poi journey

Global Flow Arts Journey  If you have been following along with us for any amount of time, you have realized that Catherine (@infinitecomings) and I are content creators for Sacred Flow Art, submitting blogs and YouTube tutorials every week! We are on a flow arts journey, teaching and performing around the whole world as we […]

Ultra Hoop Shuffle – Product Review

ultra hoop shuffle

LED Ultra Hoop Shuffle – Testimonial  Upon opening, it was obvious that the Ultra Hoop Shuffle had been made and handled with quality as a primary focus. The hoop was packaged extra consciously, coiled once to fit in the box and accompanied with an extender piece in case I need to store it coiled in […]

Sacred Flow: Understanding Life

fire spinning crowd, fire poi audience, fire poi performance, fire spinning performance

Feeling & Flow Arts Flow arts are all about the feels, the energy we feel in our body through the motion of the prop, to the emotion we feel when we find our flow or when we experience blockages and resistance. We call it Sacred Flow because we learn a lot about ourselves and the […]

Flowing Alone & Flowing Together – Social Flow Arts Scene

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Flow Arts Scene The flow arts scene and fire spinning can, and in all likelihood will, be a social thing. It can be an individual and meditative practice, an activity to do among friends, a discipline to perhaps make a profession, and it can be all the above! How flow arts compliments your life will […]

Tech Flow Tutorials – Consciously Explained

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How do you Flow? How do you flow? There are many forms of flow, and everyone truly has their own unique style, even if you have mastered someone else’s. Everyone’s body and how it moves is different, even if we are very alike. From the length of your poi tethers, to the circumference of your […]

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