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Our Flow Arts Journey Around the World

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Global Flow Arts Journey  If you have been following along with us for any amount of time, you have realized that Catherine (@infinitecomings) and I are content creators for Sacred Flow Art, submitting blogs and YouTube tutorials every week! We are on a flow arts journey, teaching and performing around the whole world as we […]

An Extension of Yourself – Part 1 – Poi Spinning and Beyond

To the untrained eye, flow arts could easily be mistaken for “prop spinning”, because clearly that is what we are doing! Some flow artist make it look so easy; effortless even. People get inspired by this, pick up a pair of sock poi and start spinning it. Ninety-nine percent of the time those people start […]

What is Flow Arts Movement? – A Closer Look

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What is Flow Arts Movement? To the individual, flow arts may appear to be a hobby, a recreational activity, or even an obsession for some. To the collective, it is far more! There is a rapidly growing community of flow artists all over the world, and every day, more and more people become inspired to […]

Sacred Flow: Understanding Life

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Feeling & Flow Arts Flow arts are all about the feels, the energy we feel in our body through the motion of the prop, to the emotion we feel when we find our flow or when we experience blockages and resistance. We call it Sacred Flow because we learn a lot about ourselves and the […]

Benefits of a Flow Arts Coach/Flow Arts Teacher

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Whether you’ve been practicing for years, or just beginning, there’s always room for improvement. That’s one of the joys of flow arts; it’s a world of infinite possibilities! There are many methods for growth and mastery of new tricks, transitions, and flow. Find flow jams with friends, and learn through skill sharing in person. You […]

Making your own Hula Hoop? | Homemade Flow Arts Props

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Perhaps you been there too; that moment of contemplation where you’re online checking out props, and considering making your own hula hoop. As an experienced flow artist with over three years of prop experimentation and testing prototypes, I have certainly been there too! I have also jumped through the hoops and actually made my own […]

Keeping your Hula Hoop Flow Fresh and Unique!

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Spicing Up Your Hooping Flow You’ve reached that point. You’ve mastered some basic tricks and have even found some go-to combos that define your unique hula hoop flow. Now what? Are you in a flow arts rut? Here are some ways to diversify (without changing props) that will turn your rut back into a river […]

Learning Hula Hoop Moves & Tricks | Learning Poi Moves & Tricks

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Learning Hula Hoop Moves and Poi Moves I have been learning hula hoop/poi moves for AWHILE now, and I felt like it would be beneficial for you to hear about the easy step by step process is takes to master a hula hoop move/poi move at an ever quickening pace. These five steps will not […]

Indoor Poi Spinning and Hooping – Benefits of Being at Home!

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Let’s talk about some advantages to at home poi/hooping. Indoor flow arts can definitely bring you a level up in your flow. At Home Poi and Hooping Advantages Firstly, since you have walls and halls all around you now, and plenty of objects to get in your way, now is the time to master your […]

Tech Flow Tutorials – Consciously Explained

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How do you Flow? How do you flow? There are many forms of flow, and everyone truly has their own unique style, even if you have mastered someone else’s. Everyone’s body and how it moves is different, even if we are very alike. From the length of your poi tethers, to the circumference of your […]

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