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What makes flow arts sacred? Part 6 – The Trinity

Flow Arts Trinity As we move beyond the relationship of self and other, there becomes a new element to reflect with – a third. In the beginning of your flow arts journey, it may be easy to see that there are two things. There is you, and there is your prop. However, even though that […]

What makes flow arts sacred?

What Makes Flow Arts “Sacred”? As we have discussed before all things are sacred in one way or another. Existence itself is! However, that is not what we are here to discuss today. What makes flow arts particularly sacred? What gives it that spark that gets it the recognition as something sacred? We have a […]

Flow Arts & The Illusion of Elitism

The Illusion of Flow Arts Elitism “Flow on, little flowmies.” “Move your feet. Feel how sweet it is. Dream on, little dreamer. Keep on little dreamer.” Do you think flow arts would ever, could ever, become an Olympic sport? Are we able to judge perfect form over imperfect form in this practice? I am sure […]

Too Much Flow? Flow Arts Questioned!

flow arts programmable staff poi

Too much flow arts? Is there such a thing? Absolutely. Absurd right? You’d think as a flow artist, there could never be “too much flow arts”! Well, when you are growing your flow arts, be it as a career or just to improve skills, there needs to be a balance of structure and resistance to […]

“Ouch!” How to Avoid Pain in Flow Arts

poi pain hit

“Ouch!” How to Avoid the Pain in Flow Arts Increase your learning curve and decrease your injury potential in your flow arts practice. No matter what your prop, poi, hula hoop, staff, rope dart, whatever, these techniques will drastically decrease the amount of times you experience pain in flow arts and speed up your process […]

Flow Artist Professionals Around the World

Flow Artist Professionals Around the World So it’s become clear, judging by the rapid growth of our video interview with Dr. Kate Riegle van West (see below) that our viewers are interested in flow arts professionals for health, as well as career guidance. That, and combining energies and audiences is just what we need as […]

Where to go in flow? – Flow Arts Journey

Where to go in flow? Where our Flow Arts journey has taken us! We want to hear from you! Why do you flow? What has it brought to your life? Where would you like the flow arts journey to take you? And what would you like to see the flow arts community grow into? We […]

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi: Part 2

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi: Part 2 – Poi Heath Benefits In this second part we’ll focus on the research that proves the poi health benefits empirically. Dr. Riegle van West’s study focused on senior citizens and was an overall success. “Dr. Reigle van West conducted trials at two aged care facilities in New Zealand. […]

To Spin Fire Poi – The Experience!

fire poi spinning, fire poi show, fire poi professional, fire spinning career

What it’s Like to Spin Fire Poi Once you’ve had enough practice with your poi, you may be ready to spin fire poi. By enough practice I mean you’ve mastered a few moves so well that you can do them with both hands, in both directions, and by feel with your eyes closed. You may […]

Flow Arts Warmup and Cool Down

Building A Professional Flow Arts Team – Part Five The team is set. You have props, and people with enthusiasm in their eyes for learning, growing, and performing together. Now you’d think the next step is to set up regular sessions and jump right in, right? Yes! Though, take it in stride, and take it […]

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