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Fire Spinning & Our Fire Within

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Fire Spinning – Within and With Out   We enjoy watching fire spinning for it is a direct reflection of the macro cosmos and the micro molecular; at least that is my speculation. Emulation of our expansive and microscopic selves is something we are naturally keen to doing because it is who we are! Though […]

Prop Potential – Unique Fire Props and High Resolution LED Props

Prop Potentials!   Have you shopped for a prop yet? Besides the act of flowing itself, discovering new props and finding the perfect one is just like being a kid at a toy store again. And now with internet stores and international shipping, this Golden Age of Flow Arts is going super nova with the […]

Overcoming fear of your first time fire spinning!

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Are you nervous about your first burn? Flowing with fire is a whole new degree of ability, and it’s an important time in your flow arts journey! It’s a time to feel excited, and it is also okay to feel nervous! Fire is something that needs to be respected to be worked with. Being afraid […]

First Time Fire Spinning! – Beginner Fire Spinning Guide

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First Time Fire Spinning – Beginner Guide! So it’s your first time fire spinning?! Let’s learn how to dip your wicks, what kind of clothes to wear and how to do a spin off/burn off. (And maybe a little bit about fire spinning safety!) Fire Spinning Clothing When fire spinning, clothing should be tight fitting […]

Martial Arts Staffs – The Bo Staff

bo staff, chinese bo staff, staff spinning, bojutso, staff spinning guide

Martial Arts Staffs – Bo Staff Spinning In the world of staff spinning, we focus on our LED and Fire props, but staffs have a long history that dates back over 1000 years! The Bo Staff is an Asian martial Arts weapon originating in Chinese culture. These staffs are not to be dismissed because of […]

Contact & Fire Staff Guide

Contact Staff Guide Staffs are the unique in the flow community,  If you like them, that’s all you flow with! So staffs can be broken down into two or more types. Let’s put LED and fire to the side for now. Non contact staffs are typically lightweight and spun similar to baton style. These staffs […]

Fire Spinning Safety Tips

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Fire Spinning – Burns & Safety Tips Fire spinning lets us capture and manipulate the powerful element of fire. It is beautiful and inspiring, but can also be dangerous. We’ve put together a concise guide with our top fire spinning safety tips! There are some important factors to keep in mind for your best experience […]

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