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What makes flow arts sacred? Part 6 – The Trinity

Flow Arts Trinity As we move beyond the relationship of self and other, there becomes a new element to reflect with – a third. In the beginning of your flow arts journey, it may be easy to see that there are two things. There is you, and there is your prop. However, even though that […]

Best Fire Spinning Clothing – Pro’s and Con’s

kevlar sleeves

Looking for Kevlar Sleeves!? Click here! Fire spinning clothing! Best and worst choices to wear… The question many first time fire spinner have is this – What should we wear? This is an excellent question and important topic to discuss with first timers and even experienced performers, as it plays a huge role in fire […]

“Ouch!” How to Avoid Pain in Flow Arts

poi pain hit

“Ouch!” How to Avoid the Pain in Flow Arts Increase your learning curve and decrease your injury potential in your flow arts practice. No matter what your prop, poi, hula hoop, staff, rope dart, whatever, these techniques will drastically decrease the amount of times you experience pain in flow arts and speed up your process […]

The Non Dangers of Fire Spinning

The Non Dangers of Fire Spinning People are often amazed and even intimidated while witnessing one of our fire spinning performances. People will ask, “Aren’t you scared you’re going to set yourself on fire?” amongst many other questions that signify the dangers of fire spinning. I’m here to tell you today that fire spinning is […]

To Spin Fire Poi – The Experience!

fire poi spinning, fire poi show, fire poi professional, fire spinning career

What it’s Like to Spin Fire Poi Once you’ve had enough practice with your poi, you may be ready to spin fire poi. By enough practice I mean you’ve mastered a few moves so well that you can do them with both hands, in both directions, and by feel with your eyes closed. You may […]

Flow Arts Warmup and Cool Down

Building A Professional Flow Arts Team – Part Five The team is set. You have props, and people with enthusiasm in their eyes for learning, growing, and performing together. Now you’d think the next step is to set up regular sessions and jump right in, right? Yes! Though, take it in stride, and take it […]

Making Flow Arts a Career – Part 6 – Steps for Booking

Making Flow Arts a Career (Part 6) – Steps for Booking Someone wants to hire you. Now what is next? For professional shows, it is important to have some sort of protocol before flow arts performance booking. Over the past few years, Jesse and I have cultivated a list of must haves, must discuss, and […]

Tantra in Flow Arts (Part 2) – The Masculine

fire dragon staff, dragon staff, fire staff spinning, fire contact staff, fire staff performance

Tantra in Flow Arts (Part 2) Masculine and feminine energies can be witnessed everywhere. This is especially true once you start studying tantra, identifying dualities, and the way which energy flows. With flow arts, it’s particularly easy to identify the elements, especially when you practice flow arts. In our last post, we expanded on the […]

Tantra in Flow Arts (Part 1) – The Feminine

led fans, led fan patterns, pixel fans, professional led fans,

Tantra of Flow Arts Everything in existence, everything you can touch, taste, and see, started as an idea. From the building blocks of physical matter, birthed from Mother Nature’s dance with the All, to the arrangement of matter in the formulation of objects like houses, cars, and props, trace back to infinite potential of space. […]

Fire Spinning & Our Fire Within

professional fire spinning, fire poi, fire staff, fire spinning show, fire trails poi, fire trails staff

Fire Spinning – Within and With Out   We enjoy watching fire spinning for it is a direct reflection of the macro cosmos and the micro molecular; at least that is my speculation. Emulation of our expansive and microscopic selves is something we are naturally keen to doing because it is who we are! Though […]

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