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What makes flow arts sacred? Part 6 – The Trinity

Flow Arts Trinity As we move beyond the relationship of self and other, there becomes a new element to reflect with – a third. In the beginning of your flow arts journey, it may be easy to see that there are two things. There is you, and there is your prop. However, even though that […]

Best Fire Spinning Clothing – Pro’s and Con’s

kevlar sleeves

Looking for Kevlar Sleeves!? Click here! Fire spinning clothing! Best and worst choices to wear… The question many first time fire spinner have is this – What should we wear? This is an excellent question and important topic to discuss with first timers and even experienced performers, as it plays a huge role in fire […]

What makes flow arts sacred?

What Makes Flow Arts “Sacred”? As we have discussed before all things are sacred in one way or another. Existence itself is! However, that is not what we are here to discuss today. What makes flow arts particularly sacred? What gives it that spark that gets it the recognition as something sacred? We have a […]

Everything is a Flow Arts Prop

led poi, smart poi, pixel poi, professional led poi, pod poi, led poi patterns,

We have seen flow arts get a bad rap from people who are perhaps overly involved in an adult world and see poi, hoops, staff, or any kind of object around their bodies as play and not appreciating to ones life, career and/or society. I invest myself into flow arts because I see and know […]

First Time Fire Hooping Experience – Guide & Tips!

fire hooping tips, beginner fire hooping, professional fire hooping, fire hooping tips

Your First Fire Hooping Experience – Pro Tips Fire. It’s a big deal. It’s fierce and consistent, it’s hot, and having it close to your body is a rush in and of itself, let alone wielding it with you flow arts prop! As a hooper preparing for your first burn, there are a few NEED-TO-KNOW […]

Fire Spinning & Our Fire Within

professional fire spinning, fire poi, fire staff, fire spinning show, fire trails poi, fire trails staff

Fire Spinning – Within and With Out   We enjoy watching fire spinning for it is a direct reflection of the macro cosmos and the micro molecular; at least that is my speculation. Emulation of our expansive and microscopic selves is something we are naturally keen to doing because it is who we are! Though […]

Sacred Flow: Understanding Life

fire spinning crowd, fire poi audience, fire poi performance, fire spinning performance

Feeling & Flow Arts Flow arts are all about the feels, the energy we feel in our body through the motion of the prop, to the emotion we feel when we find our flow or when we experience blockages and resistance. We call it Sacred Flow because we learn a lot about ourselves and the […]

Prop Potential – Unique Fire Props and High Resolution LED Props

Prop Potentials!   Have you shopped for a prop yet? Besides the act of flowing itself, discovering new props and finding the perfect one is just like being a kid at a toy store again. And now with internet stores and international shipping, this Golden Age of Flow Arts is going super nova with the […]

Learning Flow Arts – Progress Through Composure

become a better flow artist, learn flow arts, learn fire spinning, learn poi spinning,

Maintaining Composure Many believe that hard work pays off, and perhaps it does, but we are going to look at leveling up our flow arts with a new perspective: Consistency and maintaining composure. When we are learning flow arts, which is essentially an arrangement of new motor skills, the nervous system is going to get […]

Choosing Your First Hula Hoop – Beginner Hula Hoop Guide!

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Picking Your First Hula Hoop When it comes to choosing your first hula hoop, there are many aspects to consider. If you ask any experienced hula hooper, they would likely give you similar tips, for these aspects flow across the board in the vast world of hula hoops. Different weights and sizes will influence your […]

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