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Circles in Flow Arts

The Sacredness of One – The Single Circle When we look at sacred geometry, all patterns begin with the formulation if the singular circle. From there, more circles are born, branching out into infinity. Straight lines and perfect geometrical shapes can also be found within the patterns formed from circles. From there, we can even […]

Poi Swivels – Review and Pro’s/Cons!

poi swivels

Poi Swivels – An Analysis. Let’s talk about the ball bearing poi swivels on the handles of poi. As well as their functionality as it relates to different tricks. So I felt it would be good to offer you a more clear perspective on my experiences. With this small but significant piece of hardware for […]

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi: Part 2

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi: Part 2 – Poi Heath Benefits In this second part we’ll focus on the research that proves the poi health benefits empirically. Dr. Riegle van West’s study focused on senior citizens and was an overall success. “Dr. Reigle van West conducted trials at two aged care facilities in New Zealand. […]

Health Benefits of Poi

poi health benefits, poi yoga, poi healing

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi: Part 1 Time to get serious. The world needs to have more fun with flow, and there are studies, now from both in and out of the laboratory, that shows how beneficial flowing poi can be on the brain, body and emotions. The following blog series is based predominantly off […]

Everything is a Flow Arts Prop

led poi, smart poi, pixel poi, professional led poi, pod poi, led poi patterns,

We have seen flow arts get a bad rap from people who are perhaps overly involved in an adult world and see poi, hoops, staff, or any kind of object around their bodies as play and not appreciating to ones life, career and/or society. I invest myself into flow arts because I see and know […]

Vortex Poi – Full Review – Pro’s and Con’s

vortex poi review

Vortex Poi Review  Is it possible for fire poi to be rivaled? As much as I have enjoyed my previous LED poi, from the basic of basic seven color changing balls, to pod poi version 1, to crystal poi, as much as they do look amazing for myself and my audience, I never got close […]

Best Poi Tether – Rope, Kevlar, Technora, Pod Poi Review

monkey fist fire poi, kevlar fire poi, fire spinning poi, kevlar fire props, beginner fire poi

Tether Talk – Best Poi Tether – Reviews & Comparison Which tether type is the best? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for! Comfort? Versatility? Tethers for tech? Fire? Let’s go over some of the options for the best poi tether and their pros and cons so you can make the best decision for […]

Beginner Hooper & Poi Inspiration

sparkle poi, cage fire poi, charcoal fire poi, beginner fire poi, firework poi, cage fire spinning, sparkle fire poi

Just Beginning? First Visualize! Maybe you’re a beginner hooper and you’ve picked out a prop, and started practicing your first sets of basic moves, it’s helpful and important to get clear with yourself on where you want to go with your flow. Is it performing professionally? Perhaps fire spinning? Contact tricks? Or is it the […]

Poi Butterfly and Poi Buzzsaw Tutorial – Poi Spinning Tutorials

poi butterfly, poi buzzsaw

Poi Butterfly and Poi Buzzsaw Lets take a look at and learn Poi Butterfly and Buzzsaw! These moves are pretty simple and follow a similar learning curve making them easy to learn together. Follow along with the video for a visual guide as well. If you’re a beginner and want to learn about poi basics […]

Poi Corkscrew and Poi Windmill – Beginner Poi Tutorial

Poi corkscrew, Poi windmill, Poi tutorial, beginner poi

Poi Corkscrews & Poi Windmills Let’s talk about corkscrews and windmills! Maybe you’ve seen someone do it and want to figure it out, or maybe this is a new move you haven’t heard of. Either way, we will describe each poi flow in detail, you so can learn and practice these poi moves at home […]

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