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Poi Swivels – Review and Pro’s/Cons!

poi swivels

Poi Swivels – An Analysis. Let’s talk about the ball bearing poi swivels on the handles of poi. As well as their functionality as it relates to different tricks. So I felt it would be good to offer you a more clear perspective on my experiences. With this small but significant piece of hardware for […]

Where to go in flow? – Flow Arts Journey

Where to go in flow? Where our Flow Arts journey has taken us! We want to hear from you! Why do you flow? What has it brought to your life? Where would you like the flow arts journey to take you? And what would you like to see the flow arts community grow into? We […]

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi: Part 2

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi: Part 2 – Poi Heath Benefits In this second part we’ll focus on the research that proves the poi health benefits empirically. Dr. Riegle van West’s study focused on senior citizens and was an overall success. “Dr. Reigle van West conducted trials at two aged care facilities in New Zealand. […]

Health Benefits of Poi

poi health benefits, poi yoga, poi healing

Health Benefits of Spinning Poi: Part 1 Time to get serious. The world needs to have more fun with flow, and there are studies, now from both in and out of the laboratory, that shows how beneficial flowing poi can be on the brain, body and emotions. The following blog series is based predominantly off […]

To Spin Fire Poi – The Experience!

fire poi spinning, fire poi show, fire poi professional, fire spinning career

What it’s Like to Spin Fire Poi Once you’ve had enough practice with your poi, you may be ready to spin fire poi. By enough practice I mean you’ve mastered a few moves so well that you can do them with both hands, in both directions, and by feel with your eyes closed. You may […]

Flow Arts Warmup and Cool Down

Building A Professional Flow Arts Team – Part Five The team is set. You have props, and people with enthusiasm in their eyes for learning, growing, and performing together. Now you’d think the next step is to set up regular sessions and jump right in, right? Yes! Though, take it in stride, and take it […]

Building a Professional Flow Arts Team – Part One

led hoop performance, led hula hoop show

Growing A Professional Flow Arts Team (Part One) A fantasy and a half! Imagine not only performing with a professional flow arts team, but being the one who came up with the idea and put it all together! Imagine all that could be experienced. Group fire spinning shows! Regular practices that enable rapid growth in […]

Caring For Your Props

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Flow Arts Prop Care I see that many people love flow arts but often aren’t able to take it to the next level. Usually because they don’t learn how to properly take care of and keep track of their props and equipment. Flow arts prop care is essential! Here is a quick lesson in what […]

Flow Arts Control – Are we really in control?

Prop Manipulation – Is Control an illusion? You’re driving your car, or riding a bike, are you in control? When you decide what to eat, prepare, make, are you controlling the happenings of it’s becoming? When you swallow your food, are you controlling the process? How about flow arts control? Sure, some things can happen […]

Our Flow Arts Journey Around the World

poi ocean, poi tutorials, poi journey

Global Flow Arts Journey  If you have been following along with us for any amount of time, you have realized that Catherine (@infinitecomings) and I are content creators for Sacred Flow Art, submitting blogs and YouTube tutorials every week! We are on a flow arts journey, teaching and performing around the whole world as we […]

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