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What makes flow arts sacred? Part 6 – The Trinity

Flow Arts Trinity As we move beyond the relationship of self and other, there becomes a new element to reflect with – a third. In the beginning of your flow arts journey, it may be easy to see that there are two things. There is you, and there is your prop. However, even though that […]

What makes flow arts sacred?

What Makes Flow Arts “Sacred”? As we have discussed before all things are sacred in one way or another. Existence itself is! However, that is not what we are here to discuss today. What makes flow arts particularly sacred? What gives it that spark that gets it the recognition as something sacred? We have a […]

Pregnant Hula Hooping – First Trimester Review & Tips

pregnant hula hooping

Is pregnant hula hooping even possible? Based on our experience, the answer is – YES! Catherine, the creator of our hula hooping tutorials, has completed her first trimester of her first pregnancy. From the experience, she has gathered some insights to share about the possibilities and things to consider with hula hooping during your first […]

Best Beginner Hula Hoop Material

sparkle green polypro hoop, mint stardust hoop

Best Beginner Hula Hoop Material – Polypro, HDPE, and More! Are you stuck in deciding what kind of hula hoop material you should choose? There’s quite a diverse selection of materials. It can be a bit confusing if you don’t know what they all are. Let’s go over the most commonly seen hoop material types. […]

Where to go in flow? – Flow Arts Journey

Where to go in flow? Where our Flow Arts journey has taken us! We want to hear from you! Why do you flow? What has it brought to your life? Where would you like the flow arts journey to take you? And what would you like to see the flow arts community grow into? We […]

Everything is a Flow Arts Prop

led poi, smart poi, pixel poi, professional led poi, pod poi, led poi patterns,

We have seen flow arts get a bad rap from people who are perhaps overly involved in an adult world and see poi, hoops, staff, or any kind of object around their bodies as play and not appreciating to ones life, career and/or society. I invest myself into flow arts because I see and know […]

First Time Fire Hooping Experience – Guide & Tips!

fire hooping tips, beginner fire hooping, professional fire hooping, fire hooping tips

Your First Fire Hooping Experience – Pro Tips Fire. It’s a big deal. It’s fierce and consistent, it’s hot, and having it close to your body is a rush in and of itself, let alone wielding it with you flow arts prop! As a hooper preparing for your first burn, there are a few NEED-TO-KNOW […]

Flow Arts Warmup and Cool Down

Building A Professional Flow Arts Team – Part Five The team is set. You have props, and people with enthusiasm in their eyes for learning, growing, and performing together. Now you’d think the next step is to set up regular sessions and jump right in, right? Yes! Though, take it in stride, and take it […]

Building a Professional Flow Arts Team – Part One

led hoop performance, led hula hoop show

Growing A Professional Flow Arts Team (Part One) A fantasy and a half! Imagine not only performing with a professional flow arts team, but being the one who came up with the idea and put it all together! Imagine all that could be experienced. Group fire spinning shows! Regular practices that enable rapid growth in […]

Caring For Your Props

led poi, smart poi, pixel poi, professional led poi, pod poi, led poi patterns,

Flow Arts Prop Care I see that many people love flow arts but often aren’t able to take it to the next level. Usually because they don’t learn how to properly take care of and keep track of their props and equipment. Flow arts prop care is essential! Here is a quick lesson in what […]

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