Caring For Your Props

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Flow Arts Prop Care

I see that many people love flow arts but often aren’t able to take it to the next level. Usually because they don’t learn how to properly take care of and keep track of their props and equipment. Flow arts prop care is essential! Here is a quick lesson in what I have learned in going from an amateur flow artist to a professional. As well as the awareness I had to grow to keep my career flowing and growing.

Love your props as you love yourself

First and most paramount of importance is to recognize your props are an extension of yourself and should be treated as a part of you. Many people just see them as objects, or toys, not of great value and that are replaceable. Though they may obviously not be worth as much as your physical body, still they should be treated with love and respect. Recognize that any professional carpenter carries his/her tools in the tool belt, truck or shop; designated areas. As a professional flow artists, you must come to see that though you are playing with toys, they are also your tools. They should be kept on your person or in designated areas as to not be abused by someone else, lost or stolen.

Whenever someone approaches me, asking me if they can use my props and that they have been performing for years, I ask them where their props are. This is usually when they tell me they left them at home, got lost, got stolen, or they are going to get some soon. Professionals don’t let amateurs mix their lack of respect in with their profession. Even if you are friends, that doesn’t mean you should start lowering your standards to be nice. So when I am asked I tell people, “I only allow people I work closely with to handle my equipment. If you would like to use my props, you’ll have to come to practice.”

Keep your gear covered

It might seem silly to have a case for what you repeatedly slam against yourself or other objects. But it helps your own and your props longevity to keep them in protective cases. These cases can be as simple as a backpack or modified briefcase or as epic as things specifically designed for your prop, like a hula hoop bag [hyperlink:] for instance. This connects directly with loving your props in terms of respecting your props AND keeping them in a designated are when not on your person. People who leave their props out often lose them, get them damaged, or stolen. Keep organized and keep track.

Take good care of the original prop – Yourself

The only times I have truly dishonored my props was when I was dishonoring myself. When you are not taking care of yourself, physically as well as mentally and emotionally, everything around you is harder to keep track of. In my option, never perform flow arts when you are intoxicated, or in any form of emotional distress or turmoil.

When your energy is scattered and not in alignment, your decision-making capacity becomes impaired. Then you’re much more liable to make mistakes. Use your best judgment and prioritize yourself above all else, including what is convenient. Your flow arts get better and ever more respectable. But so will everything in your life if you make sure to fill your own cup first with something you know to be healthy. And even better if you find where the tap is (and for finding that, reach out to me for some yoga and meditation classes.

Have some more perspective on how to go pro with your flow? Please comment below!

Keep up the epic work-play flowmies,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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