Building a Professional Flow Arts Team – Part One

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Growing A Professional Flow Arts Team (Part One)

A fantasy and a half! Imagine not only performing with a professional flow arts team, but being the one who came up with the idea and put it all together! Imagine all that could be experienced. Group fire spinning shows! Regular practices that enable rapid growth in skill! Traveling to big gigs. Backstage shenanigans. Matching costumes! Choreographies! The list goes on. There’s magic in coming together, and here’s what it takes to getting there.



Where to get started? 

First and foremost, ask yourself why. Why do you want to grow a flow arts team? This is often a simple question to answer. You are passionate about flow arts! You want to grow the community in your area! You love sharing your flow. We say – Great, now let’s add some structure. There needs to be a clear vision of what this troupe actually looks like in your mind so the universe can deliver. How many members do you see? What are all of their qualities? Props? What kind of things are you all doing together? 


Let the universe know! Get. Crystal. Clear. 


It’s important to clarify all of the little details beforehand in order to grow steadily and professionally. Once you share with the world and your community what you are starting, be prepared for massive interest and energy flow coming your way! You need to make sure you know ahead of time what you are saying yes to, where you’re directing it, and have the capacity to say no if/when things don’t resonate with the ultimate vision.


Write it out. Make a map, a timeline, a flow chart. Make something that makes sense to your analytical mind what your heart sees for this project, because once you open the floodgates, there will be flow! 


That is the next step. Open the floodgates!

Share Your Intentions 


Share with your coworkers. Ask your friends. Talk about your idea to everyone who you feel resonant with, and anyone who shows interest. Share the details, like what’s to be expected, degrees of commitment, costs if applicable, and be open to getting started for free, trusting that it will grow financially the more you and others commit. 


Post about the project on social media. Publish it like a job opportunity, or training regimen with rewards. Put your whole heart out there, and trust. 


First Meeting

Finally, when people begin to inquire and are ready for more details, prepare a first meeting. Set a date, time, and location for everyone to meet, maybe flow a bit. Most importantly, before entering the first meeting, take a moment with yourself to visualize and hold mental/emotional/vibrational space for the dream team coming together. Just as you visualized it from the beginning. 

From this point forward, with consistent and clear communication, you have the capacity to direct the team into anywhere you would like. Set up regular practices. Share the vision with the team. Be open to suggestions. Be humble enough to delegate responsibilities. 


Stay tuned for more on what it takes to grow a professional flow arts team in the coming weeks.


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