Elemental Embrace – Fire & Water

Fire & Water  When we flow, whether fire spinning or with your favorite polypro hoop, [...]

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Elements of Flow Arts – Air & Earth

Elements of Flow Arts – Air & Earth The Flow Arts have a power to [...]

Fire Spinning Safety Tips

Fire Spinning – Burns & Safety Tips Fire spinning lets us capture and manipulate the [...]

A Hooping Journey Pt 1

Hula Hooping Changed my Life My hooping journey begins in the forest. Echoing music filling [...]

Fire Poi Guide! Wicks & Fire Spinning Fuel Guide!

Fire Poi Wicks & Fire Spinning Fuel This week let’s talk about Fire Poi! Fire [...]

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How to pick the right Hula Hoop!? Our hoop size guide!

Our Hula Hoop size and material guide! Tubing material, OD size, Thickness, & More!