Best Fire Spinning Clothing – Pro’s and Con’s

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Fire spinning clothing! Best and worst choices to wear…

The question many first time fire spinner have is this – What should we wear?

This is an excellent question and important topic to discuss with first timers and even experienced performers, as it plays a huge role in fire safety. There are two important things to consider here when picking out what to wear for fire dancing – type of material and body coverage.

Type of Material

In this aspect of clothing choice, we look at different cloth compositions and how they respond to fire. Anything that is made of synthetic materials (polyester, nylon, lycra, etc) is essentially plastic, meaning it will melt over a flame. We don’t want to wear anything composed of these materials. Granted, if you have a favorite article that is only 2% of this type of material, chances are you will be fine. It’s just better to be safe than sorry, always.

With that being said, the best kind of clothing to wear are those made entirely of organic materials. Examples include cotton, hemp, bamboo, and so on…

Body Coverage

Consider the parts of the body that are most sensitive to flames, and most likely to be touched by the wicks depending on your prop. Hair is priority, especially if you’re a first timer. Wear a hat, and secure your hair!

What else? 

If you’re a poi, staff, dart, sword, or fan spinner, consider covering your legs to avoid the potential of fire touching skin. If you’re a hula hooper, the contact becomes more diverse. Cover your mid-section! Cover your forearms with Kevlar gloves! [hyperlink to your Kevlar gloves] Cover it all! Most of the time, however, you will be fine. Fire itself won’t burn you as instantaneously as hot metal, so consider your skill level and choose what to cover based wisely. Many experienced performers don’t even secure their hair, and expose much skin. It isn’t mandatory to cover everything up. Just be humble enough to acknowledge your degree of experience and protect yourself. Taking extra precautions will only reflect and organized and professional vibration to your audience, which will benefit you in the long run too.

For more pointers on preparing for your first burn, send us a message!

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2 thoughts on “Best Fire Spinning Clothing – Pro’s and Con’s

  1. Jessie says:

    What about latex? Or did you already address that?

    I’m new to a dragon staff (a practice one and –soon!– a fire one).

    I am discovering I need to smooth clothing with few bulges or seams.

    Any recommendations, or a blog post you might have already written?
    Thanks so much! ~ Jessie

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