Benefits of a Flow Arts Coach/Flow Arts Teacher

flow arts coach, flow arts teacher

Whether you’ve been practicing for years, or just beginning, there’s always room for improvement. That’s one of the joys of flow arts; it’s a world of infinite possibilities!

There are many methods for growth and mastery of new tricks, transitions, and flow. Find flow jams with friends, and learn through skill sharing in person. You can watch YouTube tutorials and practice in your own space. You can turn on some tunes and let the music guide you into discovery of new movement. The list may go on, but for now let’s focus on the benefits you may or may not be aware of, of working with a flow arts teacher.

  1. New Combos

Learning new tricks is helpful, and inevitable the more you practice with others! Likewise, flow arts coaches and friends are great resources for learning different ways of incorporating the new, and known tricks into a series of tricks, or combos.

  1. Variations

When we have a mental file cabinet full of tricks we can do, yet we know there’s infinite potential for more, where can we find more to learn? There’s always YouTube, Instagram, and the ability to browse hundreds of tutorials for individual tricks, combos, and transitions . . . but we often don’t select videos on tricks we already know. Because we know them right?!? When working with a flow coach, it’s likely you will go through a series of these “known” tricks, if not all of them, into discovering new ways of doing them, simply by having a new, professional perspective.

  1. Progress Management 

Often times we get caught up in our daily rhythms and lose track of progress. We may practice frequently, but when we miss more than two days, we set a pattern for ourselves of skipping practice, thus making it more challenging to create patterns of growth. When someone else is involved in your routines, it helps hold you accountable with your practice schedule.

  1. Unknown Areas of Improvement 

Flow arts teachers will be able to identify where you can improve, but simply don’t realize. This will give you a clear vision of what to practice in your own time. You may even be given home work, or what we like to call – home work-play.

  1. Overall Spontaneity 

When we continue to use the same methods for growth, though it may be working, the learning process eventually plateaus. You get used to the patterns, even if you’re growing, learning, and improving! Having a flow coach will automatically incorporate a degree of spontaneity that you simply won’t benefit from without.

Now, flow arts coaches aren’t always going to be the best method for your personal growth. They are helpful, but regardless, you are the ultimate teacher, so allow yourself to be guided to the best method for yourself, based on your intuition. For private flow arts lessons in hula hooping, poi, rope dart, fan spinning and more, contact Infinite Comings though her website or via Facebook!

Infinite Blessings & Effervescent Flow,

A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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