Believe in Yourself

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Believe in Yourself!

Never underestimate your power! You are truly limitless. Sure, we all feel discouraged and intimidated at times, but we are capable of anything. Believe in yourself! Nothing would be fulfilling if there weren’t a contradicting side bringing us down as we rise. There is always an up to a down. A not-so delicate balance to this whirlwind of a life. Balance is everything. Just in time for Libra season, too!

We are all One.

We are Source energy itself dancing through different forms of creation. Now, we all have a unique and creative mind, it just requires that touch of passion to turn the thought into a creation. First a thought, then reality. What impact are you making with your unique energy? Some like to physically express. Dance, hooping, poi spinning and juggling are all forms of artistic expression! Whether you feel your soul sparked through a hula hoop, painting or even through writing, let it out! The world deserves to hear your vision and message. You deserve to feel it. This is key in allowing abundant expression into your life. Open your mindset to release the limitations of your mind. Keep at it, follow your passion, and you’ll always succeed!

Not all success is monetary.

Read that again. Not all success is monetary. Because society squeezes us into controlled institutions, molding us into something far from natural, we usually feel pressured to think of money as a priority. Sometimes, we even put our deepest passions to the side to conform to this. Be brave and break those social chains as you follow a force that is much deeper in all of us – Source. We all feel it, we all thrive through its energy. It’s a matter of putting fear to the side and diving into the unknown that the heart may lead you to.

The universe always has our best interests, if we stopped trying to control, we would understand this. It is all unfolding to match the vibration of our wildest dreams if we would only allow it. The flow arts help individuals get in tune with this energy so that we can truly flow with the Tao. If you resist it, you will suffer. Always with the flow, not against.

May we always surrender to the divine unfolding that life has in store for us 🙏

Written by:
Claudia A.
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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