Beginner Poi Tutorial – Learn the Basics!

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Poi Spinning Tutorial  – The Basics!

This is the first video in our Introduction to Poi series, where we keep things simple to help you learn poi from the start. Follow along with our video for the best beginner poi spinning experience. As you hold your poi, try to feel and get accustomed to their natural movements. Swing your poi side to side without trying to feel a need to control them. These swings we call pendulums. When you start to become familiar with your poi set, they will almost become extensions of your own arm! Take your time with each move and don’t be discouraged, we all started somewhere!

Learning Poi Flow with Timing and Directions

As we move and play with our poi, there are 4 directions we can move with. Follow the video at 3:30 for this section. We can move in four directions, the first is forward with both poi at the same time. This is a great starting place, feel the circular rhythm as both poi spin in unison. Next, it forward split time. We are moving forward here, but in opposing patterns. While one poi is at a high point, the other is at a low point.  This may take some getting used to, but practice because this is an important fundamental! The last two ranges of motion are the same as the first two, but in reverse motion. Try spinning reverse at the same speed and rhythm, then try spinning in reverse in opposing timings.

We can apply this last technique to the plane! At 3:50 we have wall planes. Imagine spinning in a circular motion creating a wall in front of you. Practicing this plane in all four directions will help you really feel and understand your poi set. These basic moves are the first in your journey of becoming an awesome poi spinner! Remember to keep practicing & please subscribe to our Sacred Flow Art YouTube Channel for more fun tutorials coming to you every week!

Lots of gratitude to Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal for helping us bring you this video! ♡

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