Becoming A Dream – Manifest Your Reality

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Manifest Your Reality – Growth & Manifestation

When I was young (well, *younger*, er’ hem), I often dreamed of myself being a super hero. Going on adventures, fighting monsters, saving people, and having super powers. I would spend hours a day dreaming, often to music, and put myself in the 5D reality of a fantasy come to life. I attribute this daydreaming much to who I have become today. To manifest your reality, it all starts with a dream.

Those dreams did not stop, even into young adulthood they remained and helped me through some hard times. I even saw myself as a super [misunderstood] villain, as I moved through some painfully confusing times in college. Jumping through society’s hoops (unfortunately none of them hula-hoops), and did what I was told and what was expected of me. Just doing my best to please myself, but continued to mostly please a dysfunctional life. I was yet to discover my flow arts lifestyle.

I admired those who were living their passions, and fulfilling their dreams. The real life super hero’s like healers, teachers, public speakers and performers. People who were doing extraordinary things on YouTube often seemed so skilled, and so amazing, and since I had not dared to cultivate the courage to put in the hours, days and years into my passions, I would truly never be as amazing as they were. I compared myself and doubted my capacity to “be like them”.

Self Discovery Through Hooping & Poi

One day I discovered I wasn’t ever going to be like them, or anyone else for that matter. I was me; yet who was I? Throughout 2010 to 2012, I began to have what people often label as “spiritual awakening” realizing my inter-connectivity with the universe at large. Post 2012 I began to greatly invest myself in the universe within and truly get in touch with who, or what, I was; a human being with countless thoughts and a wide spectrum of emotions. Once I had gotten in touch with myself, I began enabling others to get in touch with themselves as a yoga teacher in late 2013. Not long after that, I began to practice the ways of the universe, micro and macro cosms, through QiGong (also known as “Taoist Yoga”) and Fire Spinning Flow Arts such as poi, rope dart & beyond.

Unlimited Potential

Exploring the flow of energy inside and outside of myself, the physical and the nonphysical, showed me the truth of my youthful dreams. The Truth that I WAS those dreams, and I WAS super human, or at least potentially so. It was only through the humility of consistent practice that enabled me to see that potential clearly. To discover a way to invest myself into a way of life that could be deemed as super human. Which as it turns out, is all of our potential! If only we get out of our own way, and take the steps every day towards our desired goals. (Even if they are simple, fundamental and working to get back on track to a healthy state of being.)

Today I find myself closer than ever to those hero’s online, and better, make a living helping others to discover health and inspiration through teaching poi, rope dart, as well as yoga, qigong and more!

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“The journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step.”

Yours in flow,

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenominal
Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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