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Flow Arts and Attraction

We all want. It’s a fundamental human experience. You see something you like, and are naturally drawn, how can you deny it?! Hence the flow arts attraction we feel. But how do you actually get that which you desire? You’ve taken the steps, you’ve done your prayers, what else could there be? Is there a hidden key? Flow arts demonstrates that “how” in a subtle way, and the more you practice, the easier it becomes to see.

When we want something, we either do something; taking steps towards that vision, or we do nothing, often times continuing that vibration of want/not having. But have you ever experienced, when doing nothing, or letting go of getting, that thing you wanted comes tumbling into your universe?

All manifestations in life come from a perfect blend of both taking action and doing nothing. Now, the analytical mind will say that “practice makes perfect”, or that you have to put in the work, but let me ask you this – what is perfect?

EVERYTHING has imperfections in the eyes of some, therefore NOTHING is perfect.

When it comes to manifesting something, doing and acting and practicing are just a fraction of the recipe. Thinking, visualizing, WITHOUT attachment, and ALLOWING is the complementary ingredient to the actions we take. It’s the yin to the yang; the feminine to the masculine of creation.

Flow Arts and Desire

In your choice of flow art, don’t try to do a trick, practice, visualize, repeat without completely letting go of the need, of the desire, to get it. You’ve got infinity at your fingertips; in fact you ARE it! Allow. Surrender. Be. Be in the flow, and let it speak to you. Let it guide you. Let it move you. That is true flow arts.

In life it is quite the same. The moment we let go is our moment of power. Whether you’re practicing with a hula hoop, practicing poi, writing a novel, looking for friends, seeking anything – allow it by letting it go. Without it, it just is. With it, it just is. THAT is transcendence.

Anyone can move objects around. Anyone can manipulate a prop and call it flow arts. The true flow artist is one who surrenders to the flow of the divine, and channels through the movement without trying to do anything. Practicing with a vibration of desire denies that you are it!

Don’t take the sacred out of the flow. You are it!

Boundless Health and Infinite Comings,
Liora Cat of Infinite Comings
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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