An Extension of Yourself – Part 2 – Poi Spinning and Beyond

So you have your prop, and it is clearly a prop and not an extension of your arm; the poi is something dead, and your arm is something living, therefore the two are clearly on separate ends of the spectrum…


Being One with your Prop


Though have you ever seen someone who was “one with their instrument”? Having played with an object for so long that they are as familiar with the object as they are with themselves? Usually these people’s name will be directly associated with that instrument. Santana and his guitar is a good example. He gives life to his instrument! So much so that it became an extension of himself and everyone knows it!


Now, musical instrument or not, our poi comes alive when we decide to grow in familiarity with it, to the point that swinging it can be as natural as walking (and I do recommend you flow your poi and go for walks simultaneously from time to time; it really helps to level up your skills). How and when does this significant bond happen? After “10 years or 10,000 hours of practice”, as is stated the amount of time needed to “master” an art? Maybe, but I say it is the moment you connect with your prop. With your poi you will go through hard times, easy times, ridiculous times and awe-inspiring times; you’ll create a relationship with the poi.

It All Starts Now


When does this relationship begin? Now, always and forever. When your nervous system has an experience with any object, whether significant or not, that memory is imprinted forever. It HAPPENED. And believe it or not, whenever you remember, or project into the future an image of your poi flowing so vividly that you can practically feel it, it is HAPPENING. 


We often separate past, present and future, though all we ever experience is an eternally *flowing* moment of Now. We notice that with any object, animate or inanimate, the more experience we have with that object, the stronger the relationship is formed. So keep that in mind when you begin, or are even a bit into your Sacred Flow Art journey. For not only are you learning to spin a prop, nor simply are you creating a relationship with a new extension of yourself…


You are generating the very same life force energy that creates you and the heavens above.


To be continued…

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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