A Worldwide Flow Arts Movement

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A Flow Arts Movement is happening, and we are leading the way! Catherine Rutan and I are in the process of driving around the entire world by RV. First from Oregon through Central America and down to Argentina for the Full Solar Eclipse in Patagonia, December 14, 2020. We are performing our flow arts / fire spinning performances everywhere we go and sharing it with you!

Fire Spinning Performance

Just the other night we were invited to and participated in the Knight Tones photography and videography gathering in downtown Mexico City and gave them the fresh experience of photographing live fire spinning with fire poi, fire hula hoops, and fire rope dart. It was a spectacle we are surprised is not so prevalent here yet. Funny enough though, we have seen fire spinning performed in the middle of the streets for cars waiting for the light to turn green. Twice we have performed at the Monumento a la Revolución in city center, and everyone (including the police) loved it! Where will we fire spin next? Guatemala, Nicaragua, and beyond!


Fire Spinning Movement & Essence

Fire (and a good beat to go with it) has always brought the tribe together from the advent of it. Now we are singing and dancing around the campfire while also twirling the fire around ourselves! Paul Weir of Flam Chen reminded us just before we left the country that the movement through fire spinning reminds us deeply of our ancestral heritage and will evoke a fundamental connection in all individuals. I had never heard it put this way before and it brings me even greater respect and humility to not just be performing fire professionally for my own flow arts career growth, but for individuals around the globe in the flow arts community to connect with our ancient heritage and earliest deity: Light in the Darkness. See interview video with Paul Weir below!


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Blessings & Gratitude

It hasn’t been an uncommon experience and blessing to hear that the audience enjoyed our fire performance even more than the main event. It seems that the people are drawn to the energy we as fire performers put out. Though it takes much to grow as a professional fire performer, the crowd can’t really tell a beginner from a pro. The difference to the crowd between someone with just over a year of experience and half a decade of experience is not apparent! What an opportunity! I am finding all we really need to do is keep respecting the fire, our fire props and our audience and the gratitude will keep flooding in and out.

My inner child is surely grateful, and I know I would be proud of myself for choosing this life path. Will you say yes to your inner child and join in this movement with us?

Fuel your flow!

Jesse Hart of Full Circle Phenomenal
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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