A Hooping Journey Pt 1

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Hula Hooping Changed my Life

My hooping journey begins in the forest. Echoing music filling the trees, dazzling lights on the scene, fluttering art throughout the field, filling my eyes with so much gratitude. This is connection. This is real. Being able to be apart of something so wonderful that contradicts what the black and white life is outside of this magic makes me laugh humorously. I am grateful to be alive and to be apart of something someone with a suit and tie may never see.

How colorful it is. I see LED lights in the form of balls take shape from one man’s dancing hand to the other, I see a fairy swirling herself around within a hoop, throwing it up, trusting its return. My eyes water as the bliss from my heart overflows with joy. Expressing is one of the key ways we as humans feel our radiant energy flow through us. What a beautiful gift it is. Being apart of the flow community enables expression to present itself in a non-judging environment.

Whether it’s hooping, fire staff, poi, juggling, there is an art form for everyone enabling everyone to be seen. Allowing yourself to indulge in creative expression is a form of self-love. Receiving praise or acknowledgement at a festival for the practice done at home encourages the art form in my personal life so much more. Witnessing watchers looking at my hoop spin in the air makes me feel proud to be apart of something so special. We are all connected if we put down our walls enough to let the love flow in.

I remember feeling embarrassed to perform in front of others. I felt like I was not worthy of the attention or good enough to be among so many talented flow artists. Hooping not only helps me express myself, but gives me confidence and energy of self-love.

Flow Art has helped me discover my rooted truth.

I used to feel intimated seeing different hoopers on Instagram but decided to pick it up one day. Thank you Universe.

My hooping journey has saved me, created me, expresses what makes me, me. Being able to display my energy so visually for others to admire makes me feel like the princess my inner child always dreamed of. The Queen of the Forest I am as I am watched by dazzling admirers of my hoop’s nature twirl within my aura. I am now the color yellow.

I encourage you, be bold. Allow yourself to feel the love. Invite it in fully and embrace it through a song or form. Dare to challenge yourself to follow the unknown in what draws you in. Inspire others to do the same to live their best lives.

I am grateful I came across Sacred Flow Art – they provide quality props to extend my practice with, to challenge myself to reach even further. They are supportive of my dreams and help me express what makes me me! All colors of the rainbow am I with their help.

Now, who are you going to be?


Written by:
Amber S.
A Sacred Flow Art Community Blogger

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